They strenuously object.

No doubt ESPN will take this under advisement.

AFCA executive director Todd Berry said FBS coaches are in “complete condemnation of Friday night games” and they will “push the powers that be in college football to leave that night sacred for high school football.”


UPDATE:  And, today, in bullshit.

Student-athlete welfare?  Uh, riiiight.


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10 responses to “They strenuously object.

  1. Bright Idea

    AFCA no doubt trying to head off a full slate of 6-8 games every Friday night rather than the 1-2 that exist now.


  2. Sherlock

    leave that night sacred for recruiting high school football players

    FTFT. I can just imagine how pissed off Meyer, Harbaugh, or Saban would be that they couldn’t send their coaches on recruiting trips to high school games while other schools could because they had to play that night.


  3. Just Chuck (the other one)

    Raise your hand if you’re willing to drive two and a half hours to Athens to sit in the stadium for a Friday night game. Get off work early, no time for tailgating, and it’s two or three o’clock Saturday morning when you get home. Gonna be an experience fans will really love.


  4. Debby Balcer

    Friday needs to stay a high school football night and Sundays are good for pro. I hate that TV is making the decisions. With a tenth coach we really can have a dedicated special teams coach.


  5. Fridays are for high school football. I’ve never sat down and watched a regular season college game on a Friday night … and I never will.


  6. Macallanlover

    This seems more ceremonial than actually impacting HS football. I doubt any significant impact on attendance as few teams are involved, and it is different audiences. The few schools involved rarely play more than one game a season on Fridays. In 40+ years I have attended about a dozen HS games but I often enjoy the college games when the match ups are interesting. Also, Fridays is an opportunity for some schools to get exposure they would never get on Saturdays. Seems a mountain/molehill overkill that would deprive more people of entertainment while adding virtually nothing to the beneficiary. I get the need to stroke the few that are upset but everyone should make their own choice, and have the right to make that decision, not have it made by others.