“Everyone’s fighting for the Snickers…”

Okay, red zone defense may have left something to be desired, but there were bright spots on that side of the ball for Georgia during the 2016 season.

One is turnovers.

Georgia ranked 10th in the nation in turnovers gained with 27, including 15 interceptions and 12 fumbles recovered. That was the Bulldogs best national ranking in that category since 2011 and up from 43rd in 2015.

“I think our guys understand that you have to take the ball away,” defensive coordinator Mel Tucker said before a Liberty Bowl win over TCU, “so attacking the football, forcing takeaways and working to win the turnover margin is very important.”

Georgia had a plus-7 turnover margin in its eight wins and plus-one in its five losses in the first year under coach Kirby Smart.

“If you practice high-pointing the ball and ripping at the ball Monday through Friday then on Saturday it comes easy,” outside linebacker Davin Bellamy said.

Statistically speaking, there is some luck involved (primarily tied to where the ball comes loose), so we’ll have to wait and see if this was simply a random showing, or if the coaches’ emphasis on forcing takeaways is in fact paying off.

While there may be a factor with turnovers that can’t be controlled, I don’t think you can say the same thing about this area of performance.

Look who stopped the run last season.  Looks like at least one lesson from Tuscaloosa took.  And with the development of the defensive line, I only expect that to get better.


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6 responses to ““Everyone’s fighting for the Snickers…”

  1. Granthams replacement

    Next step – develop pass rushers.


  2. Mayor

    Without the positive turnovers I shudder to think what the Dawgs’ record would have been last season as most games were pretty close. We can only hope that next year the Dawgs don’t regress to the mean.


  3. Billy Mumphrey

    Am I missing some context on the Saban disciple thing? They listed all of the DC except Kirby and Boom.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      It looked to me like an homage to Saban. Most of the leaders were either Saban or ‘Saban disciples’. I look it as a positive thing. It’s the part of the battleship that is turning. In the category of ‘ifs and buts’ we only need one or two good things to happen (mostly on offense) to make a dramatic improvement over all next year. Of course, a couple of really bad things could happen and all bets would be off. First up: let’s close on recruiting.


  4. Walt

    Guy needs to learn how fix his number format in Excel. Total rookie mistake.

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  5. The Truth

    I’m no big Kirby apologist, but if you’re going to create this chart, then his name should be there more than anyone else’s or Saban’s, but make it about DCs or Head Coaches. Otherwise it’s just another exercise in kissing the ass of the coach who just lost the natty.