Great moments in athletic department management

Check out one of the reasons cited (h/t) by the Minnesota athletic director for letting the head coach go:

Johnson said Coyle cited the program’s poor performance in recruiting rankings and a dwindling season-ticket base as two primary reasons to fire Claeys. However, the ticket issue was also due in part to former athletic director Norwood Teague’s decision to drastically increase ticket prices for the 2016 season.  [Emphasis added.]

Not recruiting, but recruiting rankings.  “Tracy, you’re currently 61st in Rivals… what are you doing about that?”

Maybe the AD should start tweeting eighteen-year olds who don’t have the Gophers on their visit lists.



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4 responses to “Great moments in athletic department management

  1. stoopnagle

    Considering all of higher ed obsesses over an even more less-exact science courtesy of US News and World Report rankings, should anyone be surprised?

    At least in football, you can objectively measure the outputs.


  2. Mayor

    Minnesota had clawed its way out of the cellar in the B1G to become a respectable team and was on its way to becoming a contender for at least a Division title. Then the “strike” debacle happened and the Minnesota Administration bungled things. Watch that place fall like a rock to the bottom of the Big 10 again. Just another case of self-destruction. You’d think professional people would be smart enough to avoid something like this but–


  3. Macallanlover

    AD had little choice, and did the logical thing, but why cloud the issue with this trivia? Be honest man, things may not have been perfect before December’s events but there was nothing brewing about a coaching change. The coach was fired for one reason, you should be able to stand by that or shouldn’t have taken action. Weak leader at AD, may need another change soon.