Does Booch need a scapegoat?

Your team, expected to contend for a conference title in 2016, didn’t even win its division.

You hired a hot-shot defensive coordinator who was expected to shore up that side of the ball for you; instead, it finished finished 95th in total defense.  But he’s got a big contract and it’s only one season, so it’s not like there’s much you can do about him right now.  (Especially since you’ve already lost your offensive coordinator to Indiana.)

Your secondary was ravaged by injuries, which caused you to deploy 11 different starting combinations during the regular season.  Bad luck.

So, given all that, what’s the next step?  Why, put Willie Martinez on the hot seat, of course.  At least it’s something he’s used to.



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9 responses to “Does Booch need a scapegoat?

  1. Bulldog Joe

    Butch recruited large numbers and processed a lot of players in his second and third years. Now playing their senior and junior seasons, Butch has a top-heavy roster and will have to process more players or recruit in smaller numbers.

    It’s not a good place to be.


  2. Comin' Down The Track

    Dear Butch,
    If you’ve been in a card game longer than twenty minutes, and you still don’t know who the patsy is… you’re the patsy.
    Everyone Outside the 865


  3. Macallanlover

    TN fans expected to do more than just contend for a conference title, they were a Top 10 pre-season pick and expected to contend for a playoff spot. I think their fans are in more of a tailspin than many think. The awareness that this was the best shot to regain respectability, and they fell well short, is troubling. Not only because they lose several key cogs in the orange machine, they needed to be in the conversation to get a much needed boost in recruiting. That isn’t happening, they are pretty much a 3 star class at this point and losing almost every key battle. I have several friends who are Big Orange supporters and they are clearly concerned. They are worried about Sgt. Carter, and another couple of years of not making Atlanta could mire them in a continued battle for 3rd in the East against SC and Mizzou. Next year will be their 20 year anniversary of their last SEC title.


    • Uglydawg

      Got a few T friends. I’d say it’s about 50/50 on punting or trying to sustain the drive. Another sub-expectations year and it will get ugly..I’m personally pulling for him to do just enough to stay in Knoxville.


      • “I’m personally pulling for him to do just enough to stay in Knoxville.” The Paul Johnson philosophy. Maybe we need a lexicon entry for that?


        • CPark58

          Paul Johnson is 3-6 against us, 3-2 in Sanford, and could have very easily beat us each of the last 4 years instead of splitting 2-2. They have also represented their division in their conference championship 4 times vs our 2 in the last decade, even winning it once.

          All with about as flaccid of an athletic department and fanbase that exists in P-5 football. I would argue that with the talent that GT gets compared to UGA, a more traditional coach would be better for us. Paul Johnson may be unlikable but he isn’t a joke.


          • Uglydawg

            That’s a good point, and one I often ponder. Look at his recruiting classes and tell me how he competes..I suppose it’s his offensive scheme which is so difficult to prepare for in one week…but he will always lose to a highly rated defense that has time to prepare..(see “World’s Smallest Outdoor Cocktail Party”). But you’ve got to give him his due..he’s found a niche that works for him and he knows how to exploit it. He did beat three SECe teams this year..and will have a good shot at Tennessee to start next year. None of this is said out of admiration. The SECe was really pretty bad this year so that isn’t the accomplishment it seems. . I admire Fishfry NOT…but out of a true sense of wondering why more coaches don’t copy his offense..esp. in niche markets where you’re just not going to get the players to run a normal offense that doesn’t endanger player’s knees and shinbones. In a couple of hours it will be dark enough for me to take out my telescope and continue my search for the meteor that I’m rooting for in the coming season opener between NATS and UT.


  4. The Dawg abides

    It’s official now. I wonder if there’s any room for willie two thumbs at the U.


  5. Mayor

    They haven’t been fair to Bootch in TN. The program fell so far under SOD that is was battling UK and Vandy for the SEC East cellar. Bootch has brought UT back to respectability at least. 9-4 playing an SEC schedule with wins over FU and Georgia isn’t that shabby. I, for one, don’t think Bootch is much of a HC–but hey, they hired him.