Kiss the ring.

Man, you know the toughest part of interviewing for the AD job at ‘Bama is that first meeting with Nick Saban.

(I’m pretty sure I keed, I keed there.  Pretty sure.)


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3 responses to “Kiss the ring.

  1. They say as a coach, you never want to be the man who follows The Man.

    But I bet as an AD, it’s not a fun job to have to hire the man after The Man, and deal with the fallout of the new coach inevitably not being as good.


    • I’m assuming that if the new AD is there any appreciable length of time, he’ll be the guy having to hire Saban’s replacement when he retires. But then, Saban may have another 20 years in him for all we know.


      • Mayor

        If Bama had won Saban’s 6th National Championship the other night Saban would be leaving after the next one Bama wins. Now, back to the drawing board. I don’t see him leaving until he wins 7 and that may take 2 more years or MANY years now. He’s 65 and in good health.