“At the University of Florida, you should be able to get anybody you want, or pretty close to that.”

Florida high school coaches don’t seem particularly impressed by Jim McElwain’s efforts on the recruiting trail.

“From what I can see, they have to do a better job of identifying the younger studs and kind of lovin’ on those guys really early the way the other big dogs do like Florida State, Alabama, Ohio State,” Ross said. “They identify those young kids pretty early on and do a good job making sure that ‘hey man, we love you, we want you to come here.’ From my experience and how [Florida has] been around us, they tend to wait until that kid has those big-time, Power 5 offers and then they try to sneak in.

Um… that kind of sounds a little familiar.

“Florida will always be a big name, but they just aren’t that premier team yet like some of those other schools right now,” Ross said. “I think once they have a great season, it will kind of snowball with recruiting, but until then, they have to do a better job of jumping on the younger kids and showing them love.”

Once they have a great season?  The Gators have won the SEC East two straight years.  The message is getting muddied.  As a Georgia fan, that’s okay by me.


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    The Gators have been a big thorn in our side since they hired Spurrier. That has to change…



    For you Senator…I may have to look around….need a manual in cherry shape. You want to race? Have you hit up the Porsche Experience in Hapeville?



    • That bad boy would smoke my humble Cayman’s ass.

      As far as Porsche Experience goes, I arranged delivery of my car there, which entitled me to several great goodies: a free lunch, a tour of the facilities (the renovation shop was worth it by itself) and 90 minutes of track time, which were a total blast. Well worth the time and money to go.


  3. Conference championships don’t define a great season anymore. They are just a means to an end. Division championships? Please, you just got in line for another loss. Rivalry games. Yawn. It’s all about the playoffs.
    Example: Ohio State had a great season. Penn State and Wisconsin didn’t.


    • Napoleon BonerFart

      Don’t worry. Once we get to 8 teams, or more, lots of teams will have great seasons. 🙂


    • PTC DAWG

      You listen to Espn too much….Win the SEC, let the chips fall where they may. I need a new hat. My 2005 SECC is getting a bit long in the tooth.


      • You mean the people who broadcast the games and provide analysis? Yes, I listen and so do all football fans. Yes, win the SEC and you likely get an invite to the big dance. That’s all you have control over. However, the loser get penalized for even making the game while the also-ran (2nd best team in one of the divisions) makes the Sugar Bowl.

        Another point, what do most dawg fans lament about the 2012 SEC championship game? A few yards from what? It’s not just a SEC Championship. It’s usually “and” de facto National Championship.

        And while we’re at it….Nothin’ sucks like a big orange. Auburn Sucks. To Hell with Georgia Tech. Sic ’em on a chicken. Gators are good fried. Missouri ain’t in the south and the rest of them can go bounce their balls off the backboard for all I care.

        Go Dawgs! May we all get new hats soon.


    • So. IL Dawg

      Even though they won the East two straight years, they were hammered in the SECCG. Additionally, they’ve been beaten pretty easily by FSU lately. So, they really haven’t had successful seasons.


  4. Cojones

    FU alums that I know well can’t seem to remember McElwain’s name very often and pretend that recruiting will continue to occur upwards naturally as they get closer to signing just because they are FU. They didn’t want to face ‘Bama and get creamed this last year, therefore they were openly hoping Tenn would take the SEC East. They know things are a-skitter and are whistlin’ thru the graveyard by pretending that kids are waiting in the bushes just waiting for NSD to rush forward (like in the old days). T’aint going to happen for FU, but at least, Kirby has made them nervous this year by making them reluctant to discuss recruiting.

    Doesn’t matter since I’m sticking it to them anyway along with the help of some FSU cohorts.


    • James Stephenson

      Going to get harder for them. With Kiffen, Strong, Richt all recruiting Florida hard.


      • Comin' Down The Track

        Jimbo, Butch Davis at FIU and Scott Frost at UCF is legit, too. Not to mention, Strong and Frost are dead center of Gaturd Country.


  5. How on earth Ohio State is able to pluck kids out of Florida is beyond me. I have been to Ohio many times. The winters are cold and the women are ugly.


  6. The Nelson Puppet

    That reminds me of a painful quote by Spurrier:
    “Why is it that during recruiting season they (Georgia) sign all the great players, but when it comes time to play the game, we have all the great players? I don’t understand that. What happens to them?”


  7. MGW

    UF’s going deeper and deeper into a dark age. Two meaningless East titles have only made it worse.


  8. Mr. Sanchez

    What I don’t get is their complete failure for a bell cow QB in this class. His past as an OC, their reputation as an elite power in the SEC, their current offensive struggles and struggles at the QB position, the history of QB success, the ability to add more than enough weapons around them in talented skill players, it’s a situation built perfectly for him to snag a five star QB last summer who can recruit hard on kids all year long. But they don’t have that. Meanwhile several schools are bringing in a pair of higher rated guys than the Gators, and there’s three five star guys going to schools that just had a true freshman take hold of the only spot they’d play for at least the next two seasons (Hurts at Bama, Eason here, and the kid at Southern Cal).

    Something ain’t right there.


  9. David K

    When your head coach stars on a reality tv show about having 20 kids, it doesn’t help recruiting.


  10. Spike

    Wish we could beat em..


    • 92 grad

      Yep. All they need to do to us is the pointed finger at the scoreboard. It’s maddening how our offensive staff fails miserably every damn year. I don’t even remember last time we beat them, been 3 years now? I Hate the gators. Hate all this orange on my tv this past season.