Busy day at the NCAA

All kinds of business being passed…

Hope you enjoyed it, Harbaugh.

What are these kids supposed to do now at five in the morning?  Sleep?

Coaches are gonna hate that one  Wonder if Saban’s already dreaming up a work around.

Ditto.  Find it interesting this proposal passed by the same margin as the first one I mentioned.


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16 responses to “Busy day at the NCAA

  1. Biggen

    I’m confused. Prohibiting off campus practice means banning satellite camps, again? Didn’t we go down this road last summer?


  2. Define: Competition? Define: Academic Year? Last the work around on the last one would be to have classes in session all year round? Did I do it right?


  3. Saban has an army of analysts and lawyers already looking at the language of these proposals and determining how he’s going comply legally while breaking the hell out of every one them. For that one, to eliminate non-competition activities between 9p and 6a, he’ll get a strength and conditioning PE “class” that meets before 6 at the Alabama weight room. All of those “days off” will be full of “voluntary” activities from working out to film study to 7-on-7.


  4. Cousin Eddie

    Saban is in the UA Presidents office this morning setting the school calendar so he can “adjust” the practice schedule.

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  5. Got Cowdog

    @ Double E and Eddie:
    How upset would you be if Kirby did it?


    • I would because these guys are supposed to be students first. Do you really think anything that’s voluntary is? Do you think these guys should have time to study? Are they getting paid enough not to warrant time away?


      • Got Cowdog

        If they don’t make the grades they can’t play. They must be students first.
        I would not confuse the life of a student with the life of a student athlete.


      • Cpark58

        It ain’t like Jimmy the Pre-law student decided he wanted to play football and the practice and workouts are interfering with his studies. That day was gone about the time Army or Yale won its last national championship.

        Today’s players were recruited and voluntarily chose to attend UGA for the specific purpose to play football at the highest level. I’m sure Mercer would be glad to offer any UGA player a full scholarship and not dabble with their study time. Probably north of 90% of P-5 athletes wouldn’t be at their current institution or possibly any school if they have didn’t have rare skills that are useful in football. Moreover, in addition to the full ride with the best accommodations and advantages the school has to offer, they have opportunities and perks afforded to them solely because of their status on the team.

        If you want to mock the NCAA and universities for spouting the old “it’s what’s on the front of the jersey that matters” rhetoric and all their other ridiculous and self serving bullshit, that’s warranted. However, we then need to stop referring to these kids as common students that signed up for football tryouts during orientation.


    • Cousin Eddie

      I couldn’t care much either way because my vote doesn’t count but I honestly thought the internet is powered by snarky comments so I was doing my part to keep it running.