Same song, different verse

Will the last disgruntled Baylor Title IX staffer please turn out the lights when she leaves?


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6 responses to “Same song, different verse

  1. jntiii

    No problem. There will be a new sherif in town at the DOE soon and these pesky Title IX issues will go away.


    • Uglydawg

      Not sure what to make of that remark..but the DOE needs something..either abolish it or make it work. Since establishment, it’s had a huge the many billions every year with only negative results. Our kids are poorly educated compared to other countries and it gets worse and worse every year. We could have downward spiraling test scores every year without spending billions. Like everything else, the DOE has been politicized and, as all bureaucratic institutions eventually do, it exists to perpetuate and grow itself. I hope it gets fixed or canned. It was never really the job of the Federal Govt. to meddle with education by any means.


  2. 92 grad

    Lol, my catch phrase lately is “ahh, don’t worry about it, Trump will take care of it”


  3. DugLite

    Talk about lack of institutional control…..wait…..what?


  4. Russ

    What a cesspool. My daughter is starting to look at colleges (we’re in Texas) and the only school I’d veto is Baylor.