“We’re a failed business model by nature.”

Boy, you ain’t kidding about that, Mister anonymous prominent Power Five athletic director.

Thank Gawd they’ve got geniuses like Larry Scott and Bob Bowlsby to cover for them.


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2 responses to ““We’re a failed business model by nature.”

  1. Judgedawg

    The whining from college administrators about how profitable businesses don’t have to support unprofitable ones is so silly.

    If Arizona football operated under the same rules as a shampoo company it would have to pay taxes on its profits. It would have to allow it’s athletes to seek collective bargaining and would have to pay its athletes a fair market wage . Anti-trust laws permit someone to open a competing shampoo business right next door. By contrast, the PAC 12 can prohibit Nick Saban from starting a PAC 12 in Flagstaff.
    Competiting shampoo companies can hire as many R & D people, sales people, etc as it wants. Arizona football is blessed to belong to a collective that limits Arizonia’s competitors to the same number of athletes and on field coaches as Arizonia has. Anot here shampoo company can train and work it’s employees as much as it wants. Nick Saban can only coach his workers the season number of hours as Arizona can. A shampoo company does not receive any of a competitor’s revenues. Arizona football gets a share of reveNuevo produced by Southern California.

    If Dudek wants Arizona football to play by the same rules as a shampoo company he will pay rates on gain, will pay players salaries and have practice hours set by collective bargaining, will face the risk of Saban deciding to start up a competitor in his state, etc.

    He gets to choose either model, not the best of each.