The natives are getting restless.

Just send the damned check in, okay?


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  1. Mayor

    Hard to argue with that sentiment. Arkansas has a long winning tradition in football going back to its days in the old SWC where it was the second most likely team to win that conference in football after Texas. It also had a very competitive basketball program even after it joined the SEC. Now both have dropped significantly, particularly since Long became the AD. Personally I think Jeff Long is an empty suit. It really does begin with the AD. Get rid of Long then hire a first class AD and let him straighten out Arkansas athletics.


  2. Chi-town Dawg

    I’m glad to see UGA fans aren’t the only ones bitching about athletic department arrogance. If they continue raising prices for an inferior product, enough people will eventually stop paying for it and spend their money in other ways. However, with all the TV money flowing, the donors have already been marginalized.


    • Mayor

      +1. Right CD. College football is a form of entertainment. It is in competition with a host of other forms of entertainment. If people get the idea that college football has stopped entertaining them they will spend their money on one or more of those other forms of entertainment.


  3. dawgfan

    We are paying a basketball coach $2 million per year that hasn’t taught his team how to inbound the damn ball against a press.


  4. Bright Idea

    So calling the governor and telling him that nobody gives a crap about winning anymore might work?


  5. Bulldog Joe

    No excuse for Arkansas’ athletic performance.

    They spend 3x as much as we do on baseball, almost 2x as much as we do on men’s basketball, and about the same as we do on football.


  6. Debby Balcer

    Plus they used to play some significant games in Little Rock and now they play only a cupcake there. Most of the money is from that area. They have alienated quite a bit of their fan base. My dad is from Arkansas and my family that is there is tired of losing.


  7. 92 grad

    I’m not sure that the precise person, the governor, is being targeted for complaints filing? The state shouldn’t be paying Bert and Long any more than $100k with the big money coming from the boosters, right? I’m sure that the governor could fire them if he wanted to but I would think the energy would be better suited to focus on the athletic booster association board.


  8. Hobnail_Boot

    They use print space in an Arkansas newspaper for hockey stats?


  9. fred russo

    I they think there basketball program they need to see UGA’s we really stink we need to go back the the 1980’s 36 years of STINK!!!!!!!


  10. So… they’re mad at:

    a) how much the AD is spending
    b) not winning enough

    So they want to spend less and win more. Seems logical. I support all our competitors embracing this new strategy.