It may not have been a great year for Georgia athletics…

… but the reserve fund continues to kick ass.

The Georgia Athletic Association has entered into a 10-year, $152.5 million multimedia and marketing rights deal with IMG College and JMI Sports.

A copy of the contract was obtained by on Monday through an open records request. It was agreed to on Dec. 8 and extends a previous deal set to expire on June 30 until 2027. A memorandum of understanding was first agreed to last May.

The deal pays Georgia a guarantee of at least $12.8 million for 2017-18 with increases each year through 2026-27 when the school is to make at least $15.7 million. That annual royalty amounts for 2017-18 includes $11 million for multimedia rights, $1.4 million for new media and $400,000 for seatback rights.

Georgia’s previous multimedia rights deal with IMG was worth $92.8 million over eight years.

The new deal is worth nearly $15.3 million per year, up from $11.6 million in the previous contract. That includes a $10 million royalty payment in the new contract.

Open records request for the win!  There are days when I bet McGarity wakes up and says to himself, “ninety days isn’t nearly long enough”.

Now, fans, don’t take this as a message that your contributions aren’t appreciated, or that it’s okay to slack off.  Georgia’s commitment to having the best athletic department reserve fund in the country is as strong as ever.  For that, it takes a village, you know.



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8 responses to “It may not have been a great year for Georgia athletics…

  1. Contribution minimums and ticket prices go up. I imagine the cost of a seat back is about to go up as well. I may finally have to break down and buy a stadium seat.


  2. Atticus

    Dropped my tickets a decade ago and have never looked back and have never missed a game, have sat in better seats and have saved thousands of dollars. The best ROI of any investment out there.


  3. Athens Dog

    I keep my seats to keep my parking pass. But the ROI keeps going down


  4. The Dawg abides

    Contract agreed to on December 8, and released to public on January 23. No info on when the actual request was made, but seems pretty reasonable to me. Kudos to for scooping the AJC.


  5. Mayor

    UGA–where money is always the most important thing and trumps winning every time.


  6. lakedawg

    This just grates on me getting squeezed by BM for ever penny possible. To much invested to cut back and lose what have been years building up, but not really getting the return from spending that much to maintain parking and tickets.


  7. 86BONE

    Boy do I love my new KS8000 Samsung…Yamaha Bluetooth/WiFi receiver and Polk Audio surround sound. Fool me once shame on me..floor me twice, well, you “get the picture”!!