2013, the year of signing dangerously

The most amazing thing about this ESPN piece looking back to re-grade the SEC’s 2013 recruiting classes isn’t the low mark Georgia gets, natch…


2013 grade: A

2017 grade: D-

Top signees: C Brandon Kublanow, DE/LB Leonard Floyd, DE Davin Bellamy, WR Reggie Carter, S Quincy Mauger.

This class was ranked 10th at the time of signing, and it turned out to be a disaster. Of the 33 signees, only two were bona fide, multi-year starters (Kublanow and Floyd), and 16 players transferred, left the team or didn’t suit up for the Bulldogs. Several others who are on the team haven’t panned out. About 11 players have contributed a respectable amount, but Georgia’s depth issues are evident because of this class.

… it’s that there’s actually a conference school that finished worse than Georgia.  Well played, TAMU.

And to think Kevin Sumlin was paid a million more dollars a year than Mark Richt.


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9 responses to “2013, the year of signing dangerously

  1. Timphd

    I think a D- is pretty inflated. Must have graded on the curve.


  2. Hal Welch

    Don’t tell DawgPhan this… He’ll get the sads…


    • The Dawg abides

      Yeah man you got D’Phaned pretty good the other day. Don’t worry, he’s had the sads for about 14 months now.


      • DawgPhan

        wait I missed someone getting me?


        I think that everyone has beaten into the ground that the 2013 class was pretty trash. That CMR didnt manage the roster that well.

        No news there. I certainly dont argue those points.

        My contention has always been that regardless of the 2013 class, UGA has more talent that just about any team they face. So when you can a team that loses to both Vandy and Tech in the same season, needs a stop late against Nicholls, and fails to score 40 points even once during the season, it’s hard to explain that away with a bad recruiting class a couple of years ago.

        also…not to nitpick these grades, but UT gets 10 contributors from a class and they get a B and we have 11 contributors from a class and get a D. and basically everyone on the list lost about half their class.


      • “D’Phaned?” That sounds worse than getting T-Bagged.


  3. I didn’t know Reggie Carter played offense.


  4. DawgPhan needs to come back and again explain his theory on how this disaster of a class was no different than the typical attrition that Alabama sees. The same Alabama who curb stomped Richt’s team last year. He uses this theory to bash Kirby. Go figure.


    • Hal Welch

      That’s my point in the tiff the other day. All schools have attrition, but to say that they all experience what UGA experienced with those two classes is just silly. Having 20 some players left out of nearly 60, most of those not really contributing is just unprecedented for a program like UGA.

      Also to dawgphan’s point, having talent and having talent in the right locations on the team aren’t always the same thing. We had talent last year, man did we have talent… but no offensive line. I honestly think there were better OLs at the high school level in Georgia than the one that played in Athens last year. Kirby is clearly building in a proven model, build from the trenches out.

      Now… if we only had an Offensive Coordinator and a QB coach… but I digress.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Both Georgia and A&M were on the upswing and finished top 5 in the final coaches poll in 2012.

    Hubris is not a good thing when it comes to putting the necessary effort into vetting recruits.