Self-preservation on the recruiting trail

This is why Kirby’s got to make sure those Georgia fences are strong.


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13 responses to “Self-preservation on the recruiting trail

  1. Jack Klompus

    With those numbers we should never have anything less than a top 5 recruiting class. It makes our mediocreness that much more disappointing.


  2. so we can sign ALL 111 every two years …sweet. close the borders, build a wall ,make the Dawgs great again. Do we have to give back our 5-stars from PA.?


  3. Timphd

    Wonder what Ga contributes to the ACC? With Clemson, Tech, Florida State, etc. I’ll bet it is a high percentage.



    As I’ve said many times, kids will get away..the numbers just say they will get away, even if they wanted to come to UGA….we don’t have enough room. Scout well, get the best ones for your system is about all you can ask. Oh yeah, sign all the War Daddies you can.


  5. Require Bama, FU, Aubum, South Carl, Tenn, Clemson to pay for the wall.


  6. ugafidelis

    The question I have is what’s the breakdown per school?

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  7. Waterloodawg

    How about a tax on all recruits leaving the state? Exit fee


  8. I keep checking back hoping @Senator is going to post about this:

    “Following a one-day unofficial visit to Georgia Wednesday, the Greater Atlanta Christian place-kicker received an offer to join the football program. Buce told The Telegraph it will be as a preferred walk-on.”