“The point is that recruiting, when done well, is more art than science.”

Mr. Conventional Wisdom’s post on recruiting is every bit the gem you’d expect it to be.

Pay no attention to those number one recruiting classes Nick Saban racks up year after year.  He’s an artist.



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6 responses to ““The point is that recruiting, when done well, is more art than science.”

  1. Yeah and forget that before Clemson, in the last 20 years, every team that has won a championship had at least one top 3 class in the 3 years before they won it.


  2. The Nelson Puppet

    Don’t underestimate the Will Muschamp Effect. When he was head coach at Florida, FSU won the national championship; when he coached at Auburn, Alabama won; when he coached at Sakerlina, Clempson won.


  3. Dog in Fla

    As the walls closed in on Tony Bagels, he remembered Prince:

    “The legend of Julio Jones is full of mythmaking stories that lend to exaggeration and half-truths….’How many people do you know as a high school and college player who go by one name, and you know exactly who he is?’ says former Alabama assistant and ace recruiter Lance Thompson. ‘It’s like Prince.’”



  4. Mayor

    I met Mr. Conventional Wisdom once. I was not impressed. To honest though, I don’t think he was impressed with me either.