“This bill has nothing to do with the current investigation at Ole Miss – nothing.”

Gridiron Now posts an interview with the doofus… er, Mississippi legislator… who’s pitching a bill that would fine the NCAA $10,000 a day for every day an investigation lasts past a year.

It’s as muddled as you’d expect someone who thinks a private, voluntary organization has to apply due process in dealing with its membership would sound.  Although it feels like he knows he’s not going far with his bill:

Q. Have you talked to people in other states that have had similar situations with the NCAA, and if so, what has been the feedback from those people?

A. Recently, I have had calls as far away as Connecticut to California, and in my preliminary research, I didn’t find where any other state had looked at it from this angle.

I think the conversation is ongoing, and that’s the goal, which is to raise awareness and create conversation on this topic.

Conversation?  Not until Stacey Osburn sings, skippy.


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4 responses to ““This bill has nothing to do with the current investigation at Ole Miss – nothing.”

  1. Uglydawg

    If the bill gets to the Gov’s desk, the NCAA should slap their findings and penalties down on O’Ms that day, hinting but not saying that the bill had forced their hand. That should get this doofus….er Mississippi legislator tarred and feathered.


  2. HirsuteDawg

    Georgia has its fair share of moron legislators but Mississippi continues to make us look good (in comparison).


  3. Because the Great State of Mississippi has no other, more pressing problems. Of course, with leaders like this, it’s probably best they’re distracted by wine and circuses.