“Commit to the school, not the coach.”

While that may be easier said than done, given this stat, there is a certain wisdom to that approach.

Among 65 Power 5 programs, there are just five schools set to enter the 2017 season with the same coaching staff for the third year in a row. Florida State, Kansas State, Michigan State, Northwestern and Oklahoma State are the only Power 5 programs able to tell recruits this year that their juniors are playing for the same staff they committed to as high school seniors in the 2015 class.

Of course, it’s still early.  You know there’s some jumping to come after signing day.


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3 responses to ““Commit to the school, not the coach.”

  1. Atticus

    Its fine to say the reality is “I commit to the coach”. That’s fine. Just be prepared for the likelihood that the position coach or the head coach may not be there the whole time, so do you research about his future….and past.


  2. Macallanlover

    Headline seems so obvious, and mostly it is great advice. Only a big offensive system change (Fish Fry vs The Pirate) makes it a major issue. Other changes are too frequent to avoid, and project 4-5 years out. School, program, history, etc. is all you can factor in.


  3. The life of a coach, assistant or head, has to be challenging. Move here, move there, no stability. Guess that is why they get paid like they do at some major schools.
    In serious manner, I do feel bad for kids and family, like being a military brat, without the amount of pay. Guess the spouse knows what she is getting into though.