Eh, what’s the worst that could happen?

You can trust Hugh Freeze, son.

Murchison said he was most concerned about the ongoing, and seemingly never-ending, NCAA investigation into the Ole Miss football program. Murchison was satisfied with the answers provided by Rebel head coach Hugh Freeze.

“Coach Freeze explained the investigation to me. He explained it well enough that I know to be smart about this decision,” he said. “Just what would be the worst that would happen. The worst thing would probably be a bowl ban, and it’s not likely to happen. That’s the only thing I had a question about, and they answered it. It was all right.”

I mean, if there’s anybody in America who’s had his finger on the NCAA’s pulse, it’s Hugh Freeze, amirite?



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15 responses to “Eh, what’s the worst that could happen?

  1. Argondawg

    I think we are just running out of spots for people. This young man was probably a back up plan for the Dawgs. It’s been an interesting year for crootin for sure. Hugh is a fine Christian man I can’t imagine him lying to this young fella. Nah!


  2. merk

    Luckily for Freeze, Baylor is trying to top Penn St for the worst sex assault cover up.


  3. Macallanlover

    Trending the way they are, in the West Division of the SEC, exactly what bowl does Murchison feel is important enough to spend a couple of years of his life to play in? Seems a good player, and Freeze is definitely a Grade A snake oil salesman, but he needs to consider so much more than where, and if, they travel to a bowl. The way it looks today, we probably do have room for him, but he seems to be trying to find a reason for Ole Miss. After the Tunsil fiasco, I would say they do whatever it takes to get him, not many high performers willing to fall for this Freeze tactic.


  4. merk

    Freeze probably told the kid they missed a bowl this year, so that they can count that for the NCAA.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    “Murchison was accompanied on his visit by his brother, Farrell, a running back for Louisburg. “He’s trying to get on,” he said. “Right now, they’re still evaluating film and hopefully they can get him in and we can both come here.””

    Sounds like Murchison isn’t such a bad negotiator himself. ‘Yep Coach Freeze, I fully understand and am in total sympathy about your issues with the ncaa. But ya see, I got this brother right here who needs a scholly. If it’s only me, I’m heading to GA. But just think how great ole miss willlook in the ncaa’s eyes if you were to give us a package deal. Oh, one more thing coach. Can you say “retainer”?’


  6. Mayor

    Let’s see. The Rebs finished 5-7 last season and most of their best players are now gone. They are likely headed for probation where they can’t play in a bowl for at least one year, maybe more. They are also likely to lose scholarships for some period, so they ain’t gonna be winning too many games for the next few years playing an SEC West schedule. Yeah, go there kid. Makes a lot of sense.


  7. 69Dawg

    One thing about the NCAA, their investigations should qualify as torture. The resulting penalties are never as bad as the process of getting around to them. Since SMU, no school except Penn St. has had the hammer really come down and Ole Miss will not be too bad off.


  8. Ricky McDurden

    Remember when we were still naive enough to say “What’s the worst that could happen? Oh, they’ll miss one or two games and that will satisfy the NCAA because we’re being good little soldiers and playing this all by the letter of the law!”

    Todd Gurley and AJ Green remember what happened next.


  9. Spike

    Sadly, they took us to the woodshed.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I think WE took us to the woodshed. NCAA reps are probably still laughing about our AJ and TG3 self-imposed penalties.


  10. Cal Bell

    Hugh Freeze is a despicable hypocrite. Ole Miss bought players and still couldn’t win the west and now Ole Miss will reap what they’ve down. AMEN