I could have played for Urban Meyer, but then I got high.

There is so much about this story to enjoy.

Reports surfaced Saturday that Lakeland receiver James Robinson, a top Gators’ target with National Signing Day approaching Wednesday, was cited for possession of marijuana last weekend during his official visit to Ohio State.

In the state of Ohio, where marijuana possession has been somewhat decriminalized, possessing amounts up to 100 grams is considered a minor misdemeanor and violators will receive a citation and up to a $150 fine. There is no jail time and the incident does not become part of the defendant’s criminal record.

As dumbass moves go, taking weed on a recruiting trip ranks right up there with the best.

Corch dropped the kid like a hot potato, but Florida, as we all know, right now can’t be as choosy about whom it chases, and here’s a kid who didn’t get into enough trouble to require Huntley Johnson’s services to play for the Gators.  (At least, not yet.)  What to do, what to do?

Head coach James McElwain has had two current players cited for marijuana possession during his two seasons at UF. Running backs Mark Thompson and Jordan Scarlet both served one-game suspensions, so McElwain has show a bit of tolerance for this type of rules violation, since both players remained on the team and have been large contributors at times.

The man’s not even gonna break a sweat with this call.



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32 responses to “I could have played for Urban Meyer, but then I got high.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Corch had to waste time on a recruit he dropped? Good!


  2. Spike

    Stay tuned. Somebody this dumb will be fun to watch.. Huntley here is your retainer..


  3. MGW

    Based on what I know about Meyer, this kid must not be very good. My guess is the weed incident was just an excuse.


  4. Russ

    Huntley will have this covered in his sleep.


  5. BMan

    The “OSU players do so much drugs” tweet (now deleted) shows a great deal of promise. https://www.seccountry.com/florida/florida-target-james-robinson-issues-tweets


  6. hassan

    Is the headline a nod to Big Al Carlson? Nice work if so.


  7. Texas Dawg

    If Florida doesn’t work out there is always Baylor. He would be one of their better behaved recruits.



    Frankly, I see no problem…18 or over, it should be legal in my book. Time we moved on to spending money on crimes with actual victims.


    • I agree, but I would suggest 21 instead. If you can’t legally have a beer, you shouldn’t be able to smoke a joint. Of course, I think the drinking age should be lower as well, but that would affect the revenue streams from fines in college towns.


      • PTC DAWG

        Agree on 18….across the board…also agree, it’s all about revenue…


        • Macallanlover

          Pretty much agree with this line of thought, 18 for both, legalize and tax it. Was very dumb of this recruit, which portends other issues down the road, but this is a legal product in several states and it is time to remove the stigma. Don’t like Meyer a bit but he didn’t have much choice in this given the law as written. Easy call for him with the class he is sitting on, McElwain also has little choice with his class at this point; he gone be a gator signee on Wednesday.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Time we moved on to spending money on crimes with actual victims.

      Wish it were so simple. That distribution channel ain’t for light weights.


  9. Chi-town Dawg

    McLewain seems like a no nonsense straight shooter, so I’m willing to bet he drops the kid from their recruiting plans.


  10. Had to have happened on a Friday.


  11. Cojones

    You buncha’ ole smokin’ Dawgs….


  12. DawgPhan

    I doubt he brought it on the trip. Like given to him by someone during his recruiting visit. Obviously you can’t get caught.


  13. Wait, Meyer beat us head to head a lot…are we allowed to post about him?


  14. Timphd

    If UF drops him there will always be Auburn.


  15. Cousin Eddie

    McElwain must think he is still in Colorado