The long, slow death of waiting his turn

Stewart Mandel has a good piece up on another trend making the rounds, blue chip quarterbacks jumping ship after a few years in the program they signed with.

If it seems like high-profile quarterback recruits transfer at an unusually high rate, well, it’s because they do. Using 247Sports’ composite rankings, FOX Sports researched the careers of every Top 50 quarterback recruit that signed from 2011-14.

Top 50 QB recruits, 2011-14
Stars Transferred Started early* Stayed anyway
4/5-star 46.9 % 33.3 % 28.1 %
3-star 52.9 % 12.5 % 33.7 %
TOTAL 50 % 22.5 % 31 %
Top 50 based on 247Sports Composite rankings
* — started early = first or second season of eligibility
Numbers don’t add up to 100 % because some early starters also transferred.

Exactly half — 100 of 200 — transferred from their original school.

He cites several reasons for it, some of which you may find more convincing than others, but there’s little question that whatever is driving them, a lot of quarterbacks aren’t hunkering down to wait for one shot at glory.

As such, nearly all of them expect to become starters by their first or second seasons. But of course there are only so many starting jobs to go around at the top programs, and the position there may only come open once every two or three years.

“That creates high expectations by not only the kids themselves but people around them,” said Stumpf. “Family, friends private coaches — there’s a lot of pressure on those kids to get on the field early.”

Unfortunately, just 22.5 percent of the Top 50 QBs start by their first or second seasons. Of the rest, only 40 percent stay for the remainder of their careers.

Ultimately, we live in a what have you done for me lately world.  It’s not rational to expect all kids and their coaches to be exempt from that kind of thinking.



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2 responses to “The long, slow death of waiting his turn

  1. waterloodawg

    I wonder what happens to the ones that transfer and if they make it. Have football, will travel.


  2. Macallanlover

    Cannot blame them, in this day of 24/7 sports coverage you will not get lost, you need reps in live action. As good as Trevor Lawrence is projected to be, it was unrealistic to think UGA would have Eason, Fromm, and Lawrence on the sideline at the same time. Lawrence might think one of them could fall short but it would be a bad bet to think both would fail. In fact, given the QB woes at LSU and FU, I am thrilled that we got Fromm this cycle. Great flip by KS last year. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Lawrence reconsider at Clemson if the new QB has a big season for them.