You can’t put a price tag on covering your ass.

Tennessee is shelling out 75 large for a search firm to aid in finding its next athletic director.  Nice work if you can get it, especially if you can help a good buddy out in the process.

DeFilippo, who earned his master’s degree at Tennessee, is a longtime friend of former Volunteers coach Phillip Fulmer, who perhaps is the top candidate to replacement the outgoing Dave Hart.

There’s also a six-member search committee being formed.  Kind of a belt and suspenders approach, although I suspect the real purpose is to make sure no one individual can be held accountable if things should go south with the new guy.  And let’s face it — this is Tennessee, so the odds on that happening ain’t bad, considering the Vols’ track record lately.


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7 responses to “You can’t put a price tag on covering your ass.

  1. J-Dawg

    Fulmer will be the Gomer Pyle to Butch’s Sgt Carter.


    • Macallanlover

      Nicely played. Fulmer is a nice, loyal foot soldier but hardly the visionary for a job at this level. He survived as long as he did at HC because he was smart enough to get a good staff around him. But selecting him will placate part of the Vol fan base as they continue their streak to reach 20 seasons without an SEC title. Regardless of who occupies the AD chair, they seem to be destined for regular 3rd and 4th place finishes in the East battling SC and KY.


  2. AlphaDawg

    My grandfather always told me to never trust a man who wears a belt and suspenders.


  3. Uglydawg

    75K is a large insurance premium. I could find them an AD for 10K…maybe even for free.
    And I’d be happy to take the blame if things didn’t work out for them.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    But is it a ‘national’ search?


  5. I will gladly recommend an experienced AD, who if he does nothing else can help them build fund balance.