It’s signing day!, part eight

This is one of those stats that is more impressive when you look closely.

The 2017 Georgia part, I mean.  It took Saban a few years to get cranked up to that level; Smart got there after one season.

And it matters, too.

Now comes the hard part, of course.


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17 responses to “It’s signing day!, part eight

  1. JakeScott

    It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog


  2. gastr1

    Home field advantage in getting there quicker for Smart, I suspect. The thing that’s always remarkable about the dominance of Kansas and Kentucky in basketball and Alabama in football is that they have to recruit well outside their respective borders to sustain their dominance.


  3. Derek

    I know I’m an outlier on this but I think this is the hard part. Georgia has never, ever recruited the state of Georgia the way we needed to until today. If you want to attribute our frustrations on the field to any factor, that failure is it. Had we been recruiting Georgia like we did today we would not be the lone top tier sec team w/o a natty since 1990. In fact, we may have more than anybody else over that stretch.

    I know I got shit about this comparison before and I really don’t care, but Kirby has a chance to do at Georgia what SOS did for Florida. That place was a sleeping giant and that’s what we all know we’ve been and for a long time. The gap between 10th to 6th in recruiting rankings to top 3 is enormous. One makes you a division contender and the other makes you a playoff contender. The real hard part is today and repeating it in 2018 and beyond.

    And just imagine what we’ll be able to do once we’re winning.


    • Uglydawg

      I hope you’re right, but as you said yesterday about D. Watsons being few and far between…so it also is with Spurdogs. I hope KS turns out to be a great one..if he does, we’re all set (barring the “Georgia Thing” phenomenon..which is always lurking about). He has certainly proved himself on the recruiting front, and that’s good enough for today. Great looking class of ’17.
      Your last sentence is the whole shebang. UGA winning big is a big deal that will almost self-perpetuate, as Georgia is in a very good circumstance from a recruiting base perspective.


      • Derek

        And I’ll stipulate that SOS mainly got there with superior coaching. UF didn’t really need a talent upgrade. That 1985 team that we demolished had an obscene amount of talent. So I’m not saying coaching is irrelevant, it’s just that the hard part is getting the players. When you’ve got talent any decent coach can look like a genius.


        • Red Cup

          We need Saban to retire


          • Derek

            He will. Question of when. First part is done inasmuch as we’ve made his job a little harder. Next we need to beat one of his teams. I’d really like to do that before he retires. Nothing would give me more joy than avenging that 2012 game.


  4. Starbreaker

    Truly a mind blowing class. Just the OL alone is insane. What’s most impressive to me is how early these guys were locked down and how little drama there was today. 2019 is looking to be a HUGE year. 2018 I’m semi-concerned about, as the state is not appearing to have a lot of depth to pull from.


  5. DawgPhan

    great class….mind if I worry about the lack of Skill guys and DT?

    1 RB, 0 TEs, and 1 DT is a concern.

    and the RB looks more of the short side, but that really is picking nits.


    • 1 RB, 0 TEs… is a concern.

      Damn, son, little greedy, aren’t you? 😉

      Seriously, would you prefer signing fewer defensive backs, linebackers and o-linemen to make more room for your wish list?


      • Gravidy

        I’d trade in a couple of the late-deciding DBs for a couple of good DTs right now.

        Having said that, I am not complaining about this class. It is an excellent one, to be sure.


      • DawgPhan

        we did sign 5 CB and 2 S. I wouldnt mind having carter instead of one of those last CBs.

        any complaints about this class right now are minor.


  6. Red Cup

    We also got a PWO tight end who has potential. We have Nauta 2 more years at least to stock up on replacements