It’s signing day!, part five

It sounds like the Dawgs are still breaking a few eggs to make that special omelet.



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  2. Insert [obligatory, long winded, pro-Richt ‘they wanted ruthless, well now they’ve got it’ post]


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    Am I the only one not getting a good link?


  4. Go Dawgs!


    I hope it ends up being worth it. That’s all I’ll say.


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    I’m not getting a good link either


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    Chaney said. “Most of the kids these days are walking in with the size and the speed that you’re looking for to be able to compete. Now how quick can they pick up the playbook, how quick can they adjust to the speed of the SEC game, who knows those questions. But they walk in and they look right when they walk in the door.”

    Um, you are Chaney, you are supposed to know.


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  8. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    That’s a little bit of a surprise to me, but there really isn’t enough information available to make a judgment on whether it is a good call or bad call.


  9. This class is excellent, but pulling an offer the night before is not good. It’s an ugly business.


  10. I don’t have any problem pulling an offer if the kid wasn’t committed yet. The ugly part is that the story says the kid did commit and that Rocker gave his word that we’d hold a space for him. If that’s true, and who knows, that’s not acceptable IMHO. Of course, the “source” could be FOS too. Maybe Kirby can clarify generally later today. (I know he can’t mention the kid, but he can either address what the policy is in which case the story may be bs OR he could dodge the question by suggesting that an answer would require discussing a recruit. Then we’ll know whose FOS. You can address this completely and entirely without mentioning any names.)


    • Gaskilldawg

      First Smart files out to Texas to insist that Toeneil Carter not take any other official visits, then pulls Carter’s offer after Carter does as Smart requests. Then, if this is true, he pulls the lineman’s offer after the lineman commits.

      The adult in the big office is not a great integrity role model. He better started beating Saban in Decembers.

      I am an alumnus of UGA and a season ticket holder for decades, and I will always support my team, but I really do not think much of Smart as a person. I want him to go 300-0 over the next 20 years but because of my school, not because I have fond thoughts of its coach.

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      • About Carter Smart said this: “First of all, I’m not allowed to talk about that situation at all. But I will say that my philosophy, our philosophy has always been we’re not going to drop kids in recruiting. OK?” Smart said. “We may defer enrollment. We may say that you may enroll at a later date. But we are not going to drop kids in recruiting. OK? That’s not what – again, I can’t comment on this situation, I can comment on philosophically how we feel and how conversations happen. But I can’t comment on his specific situation.”

        He also clarified that he wasn’t talking about greyshirting. Saying you can’t come in January but you can come in June doesn’t hit me as a real problem. They told him soon enough that he could enroll early somewhere else.

        If the story today is true, Kirby was lying about the policy. Georgia being Georgia I’m skeptical about the story, but I’d like some clarity later today.


        • HVL Dawg

          Kirby wouldn’t look right into the camera and mislead (lie), would he?


        • Gaskilldawg

          He asked a kid he knew would be an early enrollee to not visit any other schools where he could see if he meshed with the position coaches, like the academic support, etc. then pulled the EE offer when it was too late for the kid to take an official. The kid did not get the opportunity to make a truly informed EE decision about Texas. Also, I understood the brother to say we would not guarantee a July spot, either. In my book either is shitty. I understand that not many UGA fans read from my book, apparently.


          • “Guarantee” is a strong word. Carter could certainly do many things to effect his scholly eligibility. Kirby was pretty emphatic that this was a situation where we simply asked the kid to come in the summer. We all know what that means. Carter would put them at 86. Something’s got to give. If the choice is taking an EE at a position of greater need and asking Carter to come in June OR telling the more valued EE thanks but no thanks, that’s not an easy call. You can say it is but it’s not your multi-million dollar contract on the line if you get those calls wrong.


  11. W Cobb Dawg

    An unusual move with Murchison. I thought we could use one more DT in this class. But pickings appear to be pretty slim at DT this year.

    The bigger deal is Solomon committing to michigan. With the lone exception of Thompson in 2015, the top DT in GA has gone elsewhere for several years. Not a good trend for us.

    But hey, it’s truly an awesome recruiting class.