It’s signing day!, part nine

This is how you know you’re at a completely different level from everyone else playing the game.

Parks is rated on the 247Sports Composite as the No. 7 weak-side defensive end in the class of 2017, the No. 93 player overall and the No. 17 prospect in the state of Florida. He’s listed at about 6’3 and 250 pounds. He has at least 32 scholarship offers, including from the highest tiers of each Power 5 conference.

Great prospect, right?  Um… he’s not signing anywhere today.  Because?

Because, Alabama.

On the riches scale, that falls somewhere between ridiculous and obscene.



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10 responses to “It’s signing day!, part nine

  1. Surely he’ll change his mind. That’s insane. He’s gonna sit and hope they have room in 2018? I say he’s on somebody’s campus in June.

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  2. Uglydawg

    It’s a motivational tool for Saban to use on the defensive ends he has on the roster. Farm boys know what happens to a hen that quits laying.


  3. I’ll never be able to understand this, the way TV has given national exposure to so many teams – how one team convinces kids to ride the pine while they could be a BMOC somewhere else.


    • 81Dog

      Riding the pine is one thing. Sitting at home for a year or paying your own way next fall? Whoa, dude. There’s a whole other crop of 4 and 5 stars coming next year. What happens if they decide to pass on you for one of those guys who looks more promising? It’s not like they haven’t already demonstrated they’d string you along to the last minute.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    I literally don’t understand why he’d want to skip a football season and then go to Alabama where he already knows that his coaches will be putting him on a shelf. If his coaches thought he was good enough to be ahead of any of the other players at his position, they’d be signing him in THIS class. I get that Alabama’s one of the best programs if not THE best programs. But hell, they’re not even the reigning national champion right now. You can win other places. You can be great other places. You can be fawned over in other places. Why the heck isn’t this kid taking his talents somewhere else and setting out to punish Alabama for trying to screw him out of a year of football?


  5. for those who don’t understand the kids thinking you just need to listen to ole Blue eyes sing “New York , New York”…….IF I CAN MAKE IT THERE ,I’LL MAKE IT ANYWHERE” (hope I didn’t sing that too loud) This kid is testing himself and thinks that to be the best you gotta beat the best. Bama is where he’ll be up against the best everyday. So he puts on is gray vagabond shoes to find out if he is the best ….it’s a competitors mentality. I’m not saying I would advise him to go this route but this is how elite athletes think.


  6. 92 grad

    I assume that an athlete like him would be thinking 1 thing, NFL draft. There is zero benefit to reaching that goal by sitting out a year hoping to sign in 2018.


  7. Red Cup

    This is similar to Ole MIss red and grey shirting homecoming queens


  8. rchris

    My immediate reaction is: Do we have any more room to sign him? If we can get down to 84, I wouldn’t put it past Kirby to work on him until August. UGA is a much better destination for him than Bama, and he would more than make up for missing out on Markaviest.