It’s signing day!, part ten

Talented classes are, in the immortal words of Charles Grant, motivational stones for head coaches like Kirby Smart to deploy.

Then there’s the depth factor. It was something Smart complained about when he got to Georgia last year, saying he felt reasonably good about the top 22 players, but not so much after that.

“There were positions last year we couldn’t make a change. We couldn’t motivate a guy with change because we didn’t have anybody else,” Smart said. “Now at almost every position we hope to have a great competition so those guys are motivated and give a little better effort in practice.”

One such guy apparently being Jacob Eason

“That’s big for us.  We wanted [competition] at every position, especially at quarterback.  Everybody’s driven to be great, but they’re really driven when they have a person behind them.  Having Jake there is really going to push Jacob — it’s already doing it.”

Hmmm… maybe we really should keep an eye on those G-Day QBR stats this year.


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14 responses to “It’s signing day!, part ten

  1. Normaltown Mike

    worse. We’re going to need QBR stats for voluntary summer break QB/WR throwing sessions at Spec Towns track.


  2. mwo

    Is UGA still going after Latavious Brini from Miami?


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Considering our offensive and ST production, seems a few of the coaches could use more competition.


    • DawgPhan

      we need to hire more analysts.

      Imagine going to work everyday and looking at a sea of former head coaches making $30k. I imagine that is some good motivation…good for the goose and all.


      • Dawg1

        I saw a mangwmnt study one time that talked about Disney giving Eisner a $Billion and the benefit of the competiton/creativity that inspired around him to be the next guy being worth it many times over.


  4. 3rdandGrantham

    SCU going utterly nuts over a kid who is 5-7 tall and attempting to rub our faces in it over it is comedy gold. He’s literally the highlight of their entire class, if that tells you anything.

    Pathetic, yet humerous.


    • Biggus Rickus

      The crazy thing about how SEC-heavy recruiting rankings are, South Carolina would be no worse than fifth in every other conference (second in the Big 12). They’re eighth in the SEC.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    At the rate we’ve been going through DBs the past few years, I guess signing 8 shouldn’t come as a surprise. Or is it 9?


  6. heyberto

    I like this high level coverage senator. Thanks.


  7. Shane#1

    This class seems to meet needs. With bigger, fast DBs and Mcbride and his speed, kick coverage teams should get a shot in the arm. Huge O linemen and another five star QB and a pounding RB and some stud lbs and needed depth at WR, whats not to like?


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