Behind the scenes

I know it’s typical to see indications that a recruiting class bonds during the time leading up to signing day, but this Georgia class seems a bit unusual by the usual standards.  Take this bit about Latavious Brini, for example.

The continuation of recruiting Brini was not only evident from the coaching staff, but from the 25 other committed Georgia prospects as well. One of the Bulldog signees told The Telegraph that all of the commits had a group message, and the player would normally be removed or voluntarily leave after he had decommitted. For Brini, he decided to stay, and thus the close-knit group elected to keep recruiting him.

Also, here’s something Kirby said yesterday about the group’s contribution to recruiting.

“When you’re talking about being the head coach and what the differences are, that’s probably the biggest difference in the recruiting part of the job It’s tough because a lot of people want to come to the University of Georgia. We had a lot of momentum and had a good class going. I had to put the reins on (signee) Richard (LeCounte) and some of those guys because I think they thought they could recruit everybody in the country. But we’ve got a limited number of spots and those guys are pretty aggressive. Those are tough decisions.”  [Emphasis added.]

Add in the decision by the four underclassmen to pass on the NFL draft and come back to play at Georgia in their senior seasons, and you’ve got a pretty strong indication that this Georgia staff is good at getting kids to buy in.  That’s a start.


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11 responses to “Behind the scenes

  1. MLB2

    Great job, Kirby.


  2. MLB2

    Great job to you as well, Bluto. Excellent coverage yesterday.


  3. jt (the other one)

    Now…lets see it translate on the field. We SHOULD win the East next season based on the strength or lack thereof our east opponents. The following season we SHOULD be in the playoffs. That IS the schedule Kirbo was given.


    • Gaskilldawg

      Whoa, Hoss, let’s not set unreasonable demands on Smart. To be in the “should” make the playoff category in 2018 we would have to be the SEC Champion. While Smart has had an excellent class and a great class, the defending three in a row SEC champ has had two significantly better recruiting classes than Smart has had. We are not gaining on Alabama, Alabama is putting more distance between it and us in the talent category.

      That is not to say we cannot beat Alabama in the 2018 SEC CG . I hope we do. There is more to the game than counting the number or recruiting stars on the field. However, your position is that we should beat the team that started with more talent and has outpaced us in adding talent and that is an unreasonable standard to hold Smart to.


      • Macallanlover

        Yes, that is unfair in such a limited field. I do thing it is fair to expect us to be in Atlanta, and competitive with the West winner, but everything has to go very well (including some good luck, to make the Final Four. Get us to Atlanta enough and we will have our shot, that is what I expect


  4. The Nelson Puppet

    How many years do you think Kirby’s waited to coach a team like this?


  5. DawgFlan

    I’m happy for Kirby that he seemed to get most of the guys he wanted.
    I’m happy for the recruits in what seems to be a remarkably cohesive class.
    I’m happy for the team getting an infusion of talent, competition, and aggressiveness.
    I hope to be overjoyed as a fan, sooner or later. 🙂


  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    It is slowly dawning on me that this recruits recruiting other recruits might be even better than I first thought: these guys are buying into Kirby and the coaches, but beyond that that they are buying into each other. That’s an intangible that might pay real dividends because when the shit hits the fan – and it will because life works like that sometimes – they might actually pull together and not point fingers or bail.


  7. 69Dawg

    The SEC will continue to be a one horse race until Nick Saban retires. His recruiting and staff have cost almost every school in the conference to fire their coaches or put them on the hot seat. He claims that it is terrible but he knows that rotating coaches just insures that his enemies are in a state of constant chaos. I say we just admit that we have traded one 10 – 11 game coach for another 10 – 11 game coach that will get us to Atlanta for the annual Alabama beat down of the East. After all the last East coach that had a real chance of beating Saban is now coaching at the U. Fire away boys fire away.


    • Mayor

      Really? I just saw Saban’s team lose to Dabo Swinney’s ACC team less than a month ago. You don’t think that an SEC East team with the right coaching that recruits multiple classes like Kirby just hauled in this year can beat Bama under Saban? I beg to disagree. Nick Saban isn’t retiring any time soon. He won’t leave until he breaks the Bear’s nattie record. It actually would have been better for us if Bama won the nattie this past season because then he only would have had 1 more to go–plus he might have decided to quit on tying the Bear. But not now. However, if Kirby can keep up the recruiting and get an OC who isn’t f*cked up UGA will be right there with Bama in another 2 years, 3 years tops. The D, with the new additions, already is there. This, of course, assumes that Kirby isn’t Ray Goff redux–good recruiter, lousy HC.