You know you’re not having a great signing day when…

… you say this.

Luckily for Tom, the Big 12 couldn’t recruit its way out of an open paper bag this year.



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7 responses to “You know you’re not having a great signing day when…

  1. Good gracious. Not a single 5 star in the whole conference, five of the ten schools didn’t have a single 4 star. Outside of OU and UT, only 7 other 4-star guys were signed. That’s crazy.


    • Russ

      Yeah, that’s really bad. And I thought Herman was supposed to be a good recruiter.


      • Macallanlover

        Yes, lot of talent in that state and this after a burst of enthusiasm when he was named. Surprised they didn’t win more of those battles, especially the ones they lost to the PAC12. On the other hand, the Big 11 teams run offenses that are scary good even without the top talent on board, But lacking elite defensive players hurts them, especially with the smaller players up front.


      • Kennyg

        Dang dude he was only hired a few weeks ago…..smh!


    • Reinmart

      OU was the only school in the Top 30!


  2. Reinmart

    Would be an insult to hot messes to call that program a hot mess. They have NEVER gotten less instate talent than they did this year. Shocking really.


  3. Dawg19

    Texas can thank Georgia for one of those 4-stars, too.