False economy

The state of amateurism in a nutshell — you can’t pay student-athletes, so you sink $30 million into an indoor practice facility to give recruits goosebumps instead.

“The indoor facility being finished when it did, timed up just right for some recruiting momentum. We had 10-12 guys in over the last couple of weekends (on visits). The ‘oh’s’ and ‘ah’s’ for getting to see that space? And utilize that space? It’s been really a big advantage for us, that we were able to sell.”

I’d say only in America, but in reality, in any other sector of the American economy, the free market would be doing its usual efficient thing of getting resources directly into the hands of the people whose services were being used.

At least that frees up more money to hire support staff.  So there’s that.


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8 responses to “False economy

  1. The Nelson Puppet

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Paul Johnson has Tech build a Potemkin Village of an indoor practice facility in order to hoodwink recruits into signing with the NATS.


  2. Dawgxian

    Wasn’t this from one time donations? Do you know if those donors would have donated otherwise? Aren’t the guys who sign with us going to reap the reward of using it? Non athletes won’t be able to


  3. rchris

    So true. Colleges should just pay players. And get rid of that dumb rule that they have to sit out a year if they transfer. And while we’re at it, drop the silly pretense that they are anything other than athletes paid to represent the university, so no more requiring them to go to classes. Since they’re not students, they have no degree to work toward and hence no graduation so they should have an infinite amount of eligible years to play in “college” ball if they don’t get drafted by the NFL. Of course they would form their own player’s association and negotiate player minimums and free agency and all that. Since they would want to maximize player salaries, expand the season to 16 games and the playoffs to 16 teams to generate more revenue. The whole season could culminate in a championship game played on the first Saturday of February called, say, the “MegaBowl”. The NCAA could hire big acts like Janet Jackson and Madonna and Lady Gaga to perform at halftime and corporate America could run subversive commercials the entire game. Once we reach that point, the colleges could quit running the teams and just licence their names to the league. And we would all live happily ever after enjoying this new product that we don’t have now.


    • Macallanlover

      Yep, the plantation life is just too tough. While we are at it, let’s make some new rules for our new pro league. Let’s pay them all the same, no “have not” class allowed. Give them all a trophy, perhaps not keep score at all. And no firing or cuts , ever. If we choose not to adopt these rules, at least provide grief counselors and snuggle dogs for those disappointed by any result life deals them both on the field, or off.


  4. doofusdawg

    “any other sector of the American economy” is a stretch and it’s not like you to offer sweeping generalizations.

    And with regard to a post and comments from yesterday… everyone looks out after their own self interests. Even those who purport to advocate for the poor kids on athletic scholarships who propagate the system that keeps those who are allegedly more responsible in charge.

    Gonna be another long off season. Can’t wait to see how everything wrong with college football becomes Trump’s fault.


  5. Normaltown Mike

    Charlotte Bronte reference?