Don’t cry for me, Oxford.

Kirby’s got himself a new defensive line coach.

Georgia has already found a new defensive line coach in Tray Scott, who had just recently signed on for the same role at Mississippi. Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze told the Rivals’ affiliate about Scott’s decision to leave.

After spending the last two years coaching the position with North Carolina, Scott took the defensive line coaching job at Ole Miss.

Scott replaces Tracy Rocker, who was recently let go by the Georgia program.

Ole Miss released a statement on Scott’s leaving the program.

“Tray Scott is leaving our staff for another opportunity,” the statement reads. “We want coaches that are 100 percent committed to winning championships at Ole Miss. Our student-athletes, our staff and Rebel Nation deserve that, and that is what we will bring to this great program.”

Mmm, those grapes seem to taste a bit sour, Hugh.  Then again, lateral moves tend not to sit too well.  Especially when the guy may not have even found the time to unpack his bags.

Scott was hired to coach the defensive line at Ole Miss in January 2017 after serving two seasons as defensive line coach at North Carolina. According to information on Ole Miss’ bio of Scott: “(His) 2016 unit was especially effective in the red zone, ranking 35th nationally allowing opponents to score only 79.6 percent of the time. His defensive line also helped UNC rank top 50 nationally in scoring defense (24.9 ppg). Scott mentored defensive tackle Nazair Jones to All-ACC honors for the second straight year.”  [Emphasis added.]

Can Kirby borrow that bio?  It doesn’t need any updating.

I wonder if Smart saw something in last year’s opener that caught his eye.  I presume Scott can recruit, or he wouldn’t be headed to Athens.  In any event, welcome aboard, sir.


UPDATE:  About the Ole Miss staff,

Scott is the second assistant who has been hired by Ole Miss only to leave before ever coaching a a game. Matt Lubick was hired as receivers coach but left after Baylor offered him a co-offensive coordinator job.

Generally speaking, that’s not a good look.

Also, I’m guessing Greg McGarity is thrilled with the hire, at least in one aspect.

Scott was on a one-year contract, which paid him $375,000. Since it was a one-year deal, no buyout needs to be paid.

Kirby’s probably planning on splitting the savings with the reserve fund, so he can go hire another support staffer.


UPDATE #2:  Then again, maybe this is what caught Kirby’s eye.

Scott was hired in late December after long-time Rebel D-line coach Chris Kiffin left to become his brother’s defensive coordinator at UCF. Scott, who’d previously served as a graduate assistant in Oxford, had built a reputation as an up-and-coming star while coaching D-linemen at North Carolina. It didn’t take long for him to prove he had an eye for talent, offering a scholarship to and receiving a commitment from lightly-recruited three-star JUCO tackle Larrell Murchison, who shortly thereafter received offers from Texas and Georgia. Murchison ended up defecting to NC State at the last minute, but it seemed to be a promising example of Scott’s scouting acumen.

There is a touch of irony there, in that Smart got Murchison to flip, but then had to send Rocker to let the kid know there wasn’t a spot for him in the ’17 class.  Small world!


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24 responses to “Don’t cry for me, Oxford.

  1. Russ

    Anything that annoys Freeze is fine with me, but I remember Chubb running through that DL for 220 yards last year.


  2. Kevin

    This is a yawner….


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      Well, it’s not Tosh Lupoi, but I suspect that was more fan board speculation than reality. Yawner? The speed at which this has occurred makes me think it’s been in the works a while. It’s a little intriguing. CKS still looks like he knows what he wants and goes and gets it. At least we’re not the school that hired a guy who never completed his W-9 before leaving.


  3. The Georgia Way

    Was Tray at Ole Miss long enough to commit any violations we can fine him for?

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  4. Otis Day

    Tray who? Must of been an AD hire to save money on salary 😉


  5. Turd Ferguson

    UNC had the worst run defense in the ACC for each of the past 2 seasons. And they were squarely in the bottom half for sacks and TFL. Granted, these are not the only measures of an effective DL, but still.

    Maybe he can recruit.



    Nobody here knows enough to say much about this hire either way…The Senator excluded…


  7. diving duck

    Regarding cost savings – Isn’t Rocker going to be paid >$500k next year if he didn’t leave on his own accord?


    • Napoleon BonerFart

      Usually, it’s only paid if the coach was fired and either doesn’t land anywhere, or ends up making less than he was. Neither of those is likely with Rocker.


  8. Bob

    Heard he can recruit. Based on past performance not sure he can coach. I hope this is not a case of just fitting in.


  9. Today must be “Negative Nancy” day…..


  10. dawgfan

    I wonder if Freeze has called Rocker yet?


  11. Irwin R. Fletcher

    You have to wonder if the looming NCAA penalties played a role as well.

    Uhh…no you don’t. I’m not sure two guys could sign and leave without any penalty that quickly unless they had massive leverage to basically be employed what I’ll call backwards ‘at will’.


  12. Derek

    I wonder how much the Murchison deal led to the parting. Was Rocker exceeding his authority by “giving his word.” Did Rocker have the authority to give his word and is pissed that it was held in little regard?

    It’s also every bit as likely that Derrick Brown to Auburn followed by Aubrey Solomon to UM was the real reason. Recruiting>coaching in Kirby-land.

    Perhaps Rocker was told in no uncertain terms to PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN!:


  13. Mayor

    So….we traded Tracy Rocker (the best DL coach in the SEC) for a guy nobody has really ever heard of and who was the DL coach on a team with the worst D-Linemen in the ACC……..Great. Just great.


    • dawgtired

      How do these unknown hires happen at a school like UGA? Seems like there were better choices as far as past results…I wanted Rumph at UF. Let’s hope KS knows something that will please us later. Maybe it was the talent level where Scott coached?


    • Irwin R. Fletcher

      Here is Rocker’s employment history..
      1 year
      2 years
      4 years
      1 year
      4 years
      1 year
      2 years
      2 years
      3 years

      I’m not saying the man can’t coach…but if you pictured him staying at UGA for a decade, you were dreaming. I thought he did a great job with the line and loved having him in Athens. But I assume the parting of ways was basically the inevitable happening.


  14. DawgPhan

    We just hired the one coach that Georgia was able to actually run the ball against.


  15. Did I read that right? Ole Miss just hired him last month?? Not sure I’m too thrilled about having someone like that.