Musical palate cleanser, love’s a game edition

This one popped up on the iPod — from one of my favorite groups, the deserving of more attention than they ever got New Rhythm and Blues Quartet, otherwise known as NRBQ.  It’s the pinnacle of guitarist Big Al Anderson’s 22-year stretch with the band.  From All Hopped Up, it’s the sublime “Ridin’ In My Car”.

The gorgeous, final 40-second fade out is worth the price of admission by itself.

Bonus track:  from Big Al’s earlier group, the Wildweeds, comes this delicious slab of mid-to-late ’60s white boy soul, “No Good To Cry”.  It was a big regional hit in the Northeast that I think briefly cracked the national 100 back in the day.

By the way, the Allman brothers dug “No Good To Cry”.



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2 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, love’s a game edition

  1. doiknowu

    Sheerly for trivia’s sake, the Wildweeds were from the Windsor, CT, area and released this 45 on the Cadet (#5561) in 1967. It even got released in the Netherlands on Chess Records (who’da thunk it? White boys on Chess? In Europe?) And that we’d be treated to it half-a-century later on the Internet? I’m wondering which of the Allman Bros. was the record collector?


  2. DawgFlan

    You should meet my neighbor – he’s an Auburn fan now, unfortunately, but a great guy, part-time musician, and originally from CT. Asked him about his NRBQ bumper sticker, and found out he knows all the guys and has played with them…