“There’s not much he can do this offseason to grow a couple inches.”

I missed this quote when it came out, and it’s a good one.

Malkom Parrish and Deandre Baker are returning starters, and Parrish will be a senior who has started the past two seasons. Their only, uh, shortcoming: They’re short, or at least shorter than Kirby Smart and company would like.

That’s why they went out and signed five — yes, five — cornerbacks last week, all of whom are 6-foot or taller. Parrish, on the other hand, is listed at 5-10 (and when we write “listed” hopefully the skepticism is conveyed) while Baker is 5-11.

Smart, a safety listed at just under 6 feet, admitted last week: “I wouldn’t sign me, ever.”

He was laughing, but did not back down from his point.

All of which makes for a good question — will last year’s starters at cornerback lose their spots to taller, greener players?  As much as I’d like to dismiss that, seeing how Parrish and Baker played last year, Smart has concerns about them physically.

“I do think longer DBs are the trend. Foot quickness becomes a problem with length. Can he move quick enough to cover quick, fast, receivers,” Smart said. “So many of the wide receivers we faced, and we struggled with, have length. When you play against length, you want a guy with length. Uniquely, we were able to get some guys that we thought had good length to help in this class. I think that’s a trend across the country.”

Maybe it’s just about giving Tucker a greater ability to mix and match his corners against opposing receivers.  But maybe last year’s throwaway season at quarterback will turn into this year’s throwaway season at defensive back.  Either way, I sure hope somebody gets coached up in a hurry.


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  1. Bright Idea

    If Hardman doesn’t get switched to offense this spring after all of this talk about tall corners he may never contribute beyond special teams.


  2. Parrish is a damn good football player. The guy isn’t afraid to play in run support, and he fights like mad against the bigger receivers on the fade.

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  3. Got Cowdog

    I like the last paragraph. Having the personnel to adapt to multiple schemes makes sense to me.


  4. doofusdawg

    I still think Davis gets the star spot. I think that’s how Kirby convinced him to stay… the next Mo Smith with a shot to get to the next level. And I don’t think they can keep Richie off the field… the kid has the best instincts and peripheral vision of anybody in the secondary. He is a game changer and will start alongside Dom day one.

    Like the young offensive linemen… the freshmen defensive backs will be better than the guys that start ahead of them this year. Gaining experience this year will be key as they all will have to start next year. It’s up to Chaney to put some games away early to give them the opportunity.

    As mentioned numerous times.. Mecole needs the ball in his hands. We signed four cornerbacks over six feet tall… the writing is on the wall.


    • Macallanlover

      Agree, Mecole shot move into the Imac role, not only for college but for any chance at the NFL. I am fine with Parrish and Baker but situationally, the new talent will find their way onto the field. Would have been nice to have put taller defenders in against a specific Hail Mary last year (as well a damned pass rush against the passer!)

      We have a lot of options in the defensive secondary, there will be some real battles for playing time. Experience will insure Parrish and Baker do not get overlooked this year.


      • Irwin R. Fletcher

        Would love to see #4 running that sweep play out of the slot…I liked I-Mac running it, but Hardman is a little bigger. Heck, put him or Sony at QB and run the Wing-T a little bit.


      • Sherlock

        As heart breaking as the Tennessee game was, I would have been really nice to have some longer DBs against Ole Miss. That game was a shit-show because their WR were a nightmare matchup for secondary. It is almost impossible to cover someone 5-7″ taller and 30-40 lbs heavier than you.


  5. I believe you need a combination. Tall CBs to cover tall WRs and then some awesome, dynamic shorter CBs (like Jamyest William) to cover the shorter, quicker WRs.

    The NFL is loaded with really good CBs and Safeties that range from 5’11 to 6′ 3″.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Are we into full dismantling and rebuilding OR are we transitioning? As time goes on, Kirby seems intent on a multi-year rebuilding job from the ground up. I thought we needed to add some talent and depth, but were in relatively good shape with several starters. And with these relatively easy schedules I figured we could keep winning during the transition.

    I don’t believe we’re in position to replace dependable starters, like Parrish, with unproven freshman – no matter how tall the new guys are. UNLESS we’re into full rebuilding mode.

    Heck, we just jettisoned 3 DBs who contributed in McGraw, Briscoe and Coates. And the 3 DBs we landed on signing day were 3-star players. Anyone want to hazard a guess at how many 3-star and 4-star DBs we’ve gone through over the past half dozen years? If recent history is any guide, we’ll be fortunate if one of the 3 signees remains in Athens to his junior season.


    • Otto

      Only time will tell if this a rebuilding, transitioning, restructuring, or…. I like getting bigger on the lines, and certainly did not like Martinez short secondary but there is happy mix. I hope Kirby knows what he is doing, he is on a time table. Arrests seem to be down so hopefully we can count on players staying in the program.


    • Sanford222view

      One of the 3 stars likely would have been rated higher but the school’s coach doesn’t send his players to the camps. I can’t recall if it was Stokes or Speed that didn’t make the camp circuit.


  7. lakedawg

    Parrish one of the best tacklers on team.

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  8. It’s a “throwaway” when you play someone who not only sucks but also graduates at the end of the year.


  9. Mayor

    Just another thing Kirby is doing that doesn’t make very much sense. Sounds good in the abstract but if it doesn’t work in the real world where does that leave us? Sorta like trying to play smashmouth football with a finesse OL. Nobody could be that stupid…..could they?


    • hailtogeorgia

      What part of this doesn’t make sense? He’s not saying Malkom isn’t gonna play, just that moving forward, he wanted guys with more length. Sure, let’s say Kirby’s not making sense because he’s going out and recruiting the kind of players he wants to play his style of football. What a fucking looney tune he is.


      • Mayor

        I’m fine with Kirby recruiting the type of player he wants for the future. I’m not fine with benching one or more of the best players on the team to play freshmen who aren’t as good just for height and reach reasons. That’s what the post was all about. And I don’t think such a conclusion is a reach given the decisions we saw from Kirby last season regarding forcing square pegs into round holes just to make his point.


        • hailtogeorgia

          No one is saying he’s benching players, that’s the thing. All he’s saying is that the guys on the roster currently aren’t the biggest and he wanted to get more length in the secondary.