Today, in Baylor

The Big 12 decides to hit the Bears in the one place it might hurt.

They might need that money to settle a couple of lawsuits, so maybe that’ll work.



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13 responses to “Today, in Baylor

  1. Otto

    Again the Big12 could take this as a time to drop Baylor and add Houston or maybe another program.


  2. Argondawg

    I can think of no better way to get a school’s attention. Baylor may be the biggest train wreck in sports history. I am not sure we even want the details. PSU is getting a run for its money.


    • paul

      Who ever thought anyone would be typing that sentence? Unfortunately, in terms of the cover up and apparent intimidation of students and employees, this is actually worse. Penn State mostly just looked the other way, pretending plausible deniability. Baylor appears to have been actively interfering, perhaps in a systematic way.

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      • Uglydawg

        Either way makes them disgusting, rotten, careless, sleeze-balls. Passive or active, a cover-up that hurts children and students..scars them for life…deserves a lot more punishment than they’ll ever get…in THIS life.I wish their conference would drop them and no one would schedule them until every one of the perps is dead and gone..or at least serving a long prison term. PSU is ahead of Baylor in this regard at least.


  3. Dawg in Austin

    Nice thought by the conference, but they should have gone further. The Big 12 doesn’t distribute enough to make this hurt the way it should. What would this equal, $7M? Guessing they compromised to avoid a battle with the school.


  4. Spike

    Wonder who the third party is or will be?


  5. Columbus Dawg

    If the Columbus paper is correct, Kirby has hired the clown that coached the North Carolina Tar Heels sorry assed defensive line for the last two years. That is all we need in Athens is another wussy ACC coach. Obviously Kirby has NO idea what a hot seat is.


    • Mayor

      The key to being a successful HC is getting good assistants–they are who do the hands on teaching, coaching planning, etc.. Kirby is failing that test IMHO. It makes me very nervous for the future of Georgia football no matter how high the recruiting class is rated.


  6. Ken Dorfman

    wow, you’d think this situation would be big news in the media. first im hearing of it going on


  7. Mayor

    To begin with, the Big 12 is contractually bound to turn over all the tv and bowl funds to all the member schools. Period. So the Board of the Big 12 wants to withhold some dough from Baylor, where in the conference by-laws does it say they can do that? So they voted unanimously–excluding Baylor from the vote. Where in the by-laws does it say they can exclude a conference member from voting just because the other members want to screw that school? Maybe Baylor will be too chickenshit to challenge this but they need to drag Bowlesby and Boren and that whole crowd down to the Federal Courthouse in Waco and have a prayer meeting where a Federal Judge explains this to the lot of them.


    • shinymako

      Section 3.6 of the Big 12 bylaws allows revenue distribution restrictions for members that “engaged in any action or a course of conduct materially adverse to the best interests of the Conference….” I assume that’s the authority they invoked.