‘You’re doing it again. Don’t do it.’

You have to read this Dennis Dodd interview with North Carolina AD Bubba Cunningham about the ongoing NCAA investigation into the academic shenanigans there in its entirety to get the true flavor of its craziness, but the gist of it is expressed in one Slick Willie-esque paragraph.

Revealing what seems to be North Carolina’s defense in the case, Cunningham told CBS Sports, “Is this academic fraud? Yes, it is by a normal person’s standards. But by the NCAA definition [it is not].”

The NCAA, of which North Carolina is a proud, voting member last time I checked, isn’t normal.  That’s some defense you got there, Bubba.

The whole thing is nuts.


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6 responses to “‘You’re doing it again. Don’t do it.’

  1. Spike

    “..I tell the truth…’cept when I lie..”


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Well he’s right. But neither is North Carolina, a school with Ivy League pretensions that’s captive to its basketball team.


  3. gastr1

    Speaking of the NCAA drawing out investigations…I keep wondering when they will finally get around to doing something about UNC. You can’t really effectively punish the basketball team by just letting the threat of penalty hang over its head, obviously.


    • Mayor

      In the UNC case it appears to anyone on the outside looking in that nothing is going to happen to UNC. How can that hurt them in recruiting?


  4. HVL Dawg

    UNC: “If a class is on my transcript, I have a grade, I have a credit. You want to litigate this for 10 years?”


  5. Minnesota Dawg

    Yeah, this is pretty incredible. Apparently, now it’s purely a legalese/semantics defense, composed of smoke, mirrors, technicalities, diversion, etc. The UNC administration is arrogant and shameless. Every reexamination of the school and its response to this admitted academic fraud has revealed new misrepresentations and repeated obfuscation. They have proven themselves to be wholly untrustworthy at this point.

    The fact that the NCAA (and the ACC–where are they in this mess?) have yet to drop the hammer is a testament to the weakness and ineptitude of those organizations. In fact, UNC likely would have skated years ago if not for the their own arrogance and the work of diligent reporters who keep on digging up new dirt (that is somehow invisible to or beyond the reach of NCAA “investigators”).