“I guess it just depends on the person you hire.”

Phil Fulmer makes his case to be UT’s next AD.  Hey, he can’t be any worse than Mike Hamilton.  (Not that we need him to be.)


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3 responses to ““I guess it just depends on the person you hire.”

  1. dawgfan

    How tough of a job can it be? If it’s like UGA, you attend the events you want to, do what the big money boosters tell you to do, and collect $600,000.


  2. Sherlock

    Baylor needs to hire Mike Hamilton. After all of their issues, I would love to see him rack up a debt bigger than their endowment.


  3. Mayor

    Phat Phil scares me. Most UT alums now admit firing him was a mistake. The guy knows football. He won’t make the stupid hires the other UT ADs made. If Phil gets the job Booch is toast and Phil will get a first class HC in place in KnoxVegas. That’s not good for us. So……I’m hoping those idiots at UT don’t hire the guy.