The NCAA, always about the student-athlete

Ah, the nobility.

Though the NCAA has no subpoena power to compel people outside of its jurisdiction to help investigations, coaches and athletes are bound by rule to speak with the enforcement staff and risk significant penalties for not telling the truth. Duncan said offering immunity is particularly helpful with athletes who might be fearful that they would incriminate themselves in violations.

“Our desire is never to focus on student-athlete culpability,” Duncan said. “In enforcement, our broader desire is to zero in and focus on the adult culpability, the grown-ups who are involved in violations, and one way to substantiate information or to get refuting information is to talk to the student-athletes or prospective student-athletes, particularly in our focus areas of recruiting and academic integrity.

“It is effective to help encourage that young man or young woman to cooperate with us if he or she knows they’ll be eligible to play and won’t be cited for a violation of the infractions process.”

Tell that to AJ Green, shithead.


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10 responses to “The NCAA, always about the student-athlete

  1. Indeed, they certainly screwed over A.J. and UGA on the self reported “jerseygate”. Then AU gets nothing for the Cam Scam.


  2. Russ

    Your last sentence beat me to it. What a corrupt bunch of wankers.


  3. Macallanlover

    NCAA had to be carrying the torch to burn UGA for the old TV lawsuit/revolt in this case. BAma scum who lied and implicated AJ was only given 2 games, and he took benefits that exceeded what AJ received….for selling his own property. Makes no sense, and it should be thrown in their face repeatedly.


  4. Burn it down, Jeffrey Kessler, burn it down.


  5. TampaDawg

    Or Todd Gurley. He came clean and got the hammer dropped on him.

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    • Mayor

      ^This. I thought the treatment TG got was worse than what happened to AJ. Basically McGarity threw TG to the wolves to save the swimming coach from a show cause.


  6. South FL Dawg

    Yeah, that is absolute baloney.