Todd Grantham doesn’t want much.

Just what every newly hired defensive coordinator in America wants

“From a philosophical standpoint, the number one thing that you got to do is you got to stop the run,” Grantham said. “You can’t let people run the ball on you.”

From there, as Grantham added, offenses become one-dimensional with the pass and the objective, from a defensive standpoint, is to make the quarterback’s life miserable with a pass-rush and force turnovers.

“If you do that,” Grantham said, “with the identity that we want to play with, which is fast, physical and aggressive, you’re going to be in every game.”

Also, “out of his front seven, Grantham wants physicality, size and an aggressive group that will look to create negative yardage plays.”  Hey, I know of a defensive line coach out there he might want to take a look at.



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17 responses to “Todd Grantham doesn’t want much.

  1. Macallanlover

    His comments on his philosophy will make me thoroughly enjoy another game where Chubb & Company run it down his throat like we did in the bowl game against his Louisville D. I believe it was also his rush defense that let Bama run at will in the SECCG in 2012. Talk is cheap Towel Boy.


  2. WTS76

    the gotta stop the run epiphany would have been great in a certain SEC championship game.


  3. gastr1

    Could be re-phrased as “You have to have enough depth on the d-line to substitute so you don’t get mauled in the run game.”


  4. DawgFlan

    …and a pony.


  5. Argondawg

    I am beginning to wonder if he even believes his own BS anymore. How about we stop the run get the other team in 3rd and 28 and they still get it? You know your system is out of whack when 3rd and 12 is scarier than 3rd and 2.


  6. Cousin Eddie

    Nothing about fresh towels? Players and schemes are fine and dandy but we know the towels are what make the real difference.


  7. DawgPhan

    Listening to Spencer Hall talk about the Houston press box during the Houston v Louisville game is great stuff.

    Everyone in the booth could call when grantham was going to start blitzing the A gap during the game. He is like the kid that is getting beat at madden so every defense become punt block and just send everyone…so emotional…


  8. Ken Dorfman

    he left out how vital the towel boy is to keep the other team from stealing your signals. never mind the scheme is so complex your own players don’t understand half of it and they know the plays


  9. Doggoned

    His defense? How well did we stop the run with the Towel?


  10. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    Man, that brings back memories of how excited we all were when he arrived after the WillieMart experiment. He just talked so fluently on all the different things we had struggled with for so long under Willy. Man I was excited.

    And we really did improve, but offenses caught on to him and his unwillingness to substitute D-Linemen, and that was it.


    • Macallanlover

      Always wondered if that was Garner or Grantham, seemed like Garner always had someone in the penalty box before Grantham came on board. I feel CTG did know what he was talking about in a class room/lecture sort of way but the complexity of his defense, or his ability to communicate it, was lacking.


      • Snoop Dawgy Dawg

        Garner did always have someone in the doghouse for sure, but we definitely rotated to a much greater extent prior to grantham arriving. I always read(and assumed) that the lack of substitution was an NFL thing. Starters in the NFL rarely sit. He was the same way with linebackers. I think Herrera and Wilson played like 98% of defensive snaps that year. He just did NOT want to get people down the depth chart on the field.


        • Macallanlover

          Think you are right, the LBs were treated the same way. Hope MSU has as much difficulty lining up in his first year as we did. Also noticed no one from the NFL has been stalking him since he left, and it isn’t like they can’t afford him.