“I haven’t been told ‘no’ yet.”

Man, they’ve really been roughing it in the Texas locker room.

One new Texas staffer had a bit of a “wow” moment in January when he realized the locker room had no sound system. Instead, players were blasting their music via one small Bluetooth speaker an offensive lineman brought in to share.

The Texas locker room upgrade is now looking to make the facility more technologically advanced with individual video screens and more connectivity.

Talk about your first world problems.


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13 responses to ““I haven’t been told ‘no’ yet.”

  1. Spike

    UT may have more money than they have sense. Hermann better produce after this “wish list” is paid for..


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Before last season, Georgia’s ‘locker room’ didn’t even have lockers.


  3. Macallanlover

    You could almost see Mr. February being tone deaf while surrounded by unlimited resources because he was a little out of touch with today’s generation, had been there long enough to become complacent to the details of needing to freshen things up, and he had recruits waiting in line for an audience, but how did Charlie Strong come into that job from other programs and miss how far behind Texas had become? I am not blaming the facilities for the Texas slump over the past two decades but it is a visible shortfall from their competitors in a resource rich area, one dominated by large egos who do not like to fall behind the Jones’ in any matter. They are right down the street from Dell, hell don’t they even have a Best Buy in Austin? For them to not have more bright, shiny toys like Oregon has is a case of leadership ordering the rearranging of deck chairs after the Titanic went bump with the giant ice cube. Just no excuse for this to have occurred with so much visibility of what was going on around them. Hopefully they won’t try to be “showy” and add a waterfall, but you can bet changes are coming. There’s oil in that there ground!


    • … but how did Charlie Strong come into that job from other programs and miss how far behind Texas had become?

      You’re forgetting whom he worked for.

      Steve Patterson had bigger fish to fry. #rebranding


    • AusDawg85

      The 2011 facilities upgrade was done by Mack Brown and, at the time, considered Bama-like with a cushy TV/playroom area leading to charges the program had gone soft. Strong sought to toughen-up the players and specifically denied any perceived luxuries for the players beyond what was already in place. I would not discount Herman will find the right balance. UT is in a good position as far as a weak schedule and conference. lots of local talent and new enthusiasm from all quarters for the program.

      Also…Austin is way beyond “Best Buy”. If you don’t buy it online, you’re not tech savvy enough to live here anymore. Just ask Alexa or my Google assistant I named “UGA” (although he hates that name, wishes I would let him visit his mother in India from time to time and just go get the Google speaker box thingy.)


      • Uglydawg

        Aus…the other day, I asked Alexa to “talk dirty to me”. She wouldn’t. My wife actually appreciated the humor.


    • Cousin Eddie

      Just from the rumors I have read in various places I don’t think they were going to give Charlie anything special until after he won big. Several of the bigger wallets didn’t like the hire. I feel like he was partly given a bad deal, partly his fault and a bunch of un-needed BS going on in the program that wasn’t beneficial.


  4. Uglydawg

    McG is exploring the option of having a Jukebox system installed in the UGA locker room…with a little coin operated mini-kiosk between each locker so for a buck, players can order up their favorite tunes.

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