Today, in always be ‘crooting

Word is that Georgia has offered this former Texas Tech defensive tackle the opportunity to join the 2017 class.  Fehoko already has generated a ton of interest, so this will be an early test of Tray Scott’s recruiting prowess.  (Not to mention Smart’s roster management skills.)

I’ve always wanted a little Polynesian/Pacific flavor on the Georgia roster, so go, Tray, go.


UPDATE:  FSF has more on Fehoko here.


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37 responses to “Today, in always be ‘crooting

  1. Mayor

    He seems like a good addition to any team. Do we have an additional scholarship to give?


  2. JarvisCrowell

    Might have to break a few non-contributing upperclassmen eggs to get this omlette. Let’s do it.


  3. doofusdawg

    Felt we have always needed a samoan on the defensive line. Most kids from the South pacific that I have seen seem to have a really high motor. Think we could really rally around him… can’t wait for the nicknames if we get him.


  4. Bright Idea

    This kid must be thinking that 18 will be his last season of college ball before trying the NFL. 2 years of scholarship to play one.


    • Irwin R. Fletcher

      Could be…D-Line prospects in state for 2018 seem slim according to the ‘experts’ and my assumption is that Trent Thompson could walk after this season if the Bowl game was any indication of where his game may be in 2017.


  5. dawgfan

    Catalina looked good getting off the bus.


  6. Otto

    I like a pacific version of Le Sack (Tardis)


  7. The Dawg abides

    OK everyone, once again this is where we are numbers wise. Between returning players and signees, the number is 86 recruited scholarship players. By this I mean players that were recruited out of high school or juco and signed an NLI before enrolling (and before anyone picks nits, the outlier is R. Smith). So many people get confused about walk-ons getting awarded scholarships. The overwhelming majority of these are given out just prior to the season, when coaches know what the numbers are going to be. The walk-ons always know the scholy is for that year ONLY. If the number of recruited players goes back to 85 the next year, then no walk-ons get awarded a scholarship. Exceptions in these cases is when a walk-on proves himself as a multi-year starter or major contributor, ala Aaron Davis. And since Davis is returning, it’s safe to assume he has been promised a scholarship this year. So that puts us at 87 currently. I think just normal attrition will lose us 4-5 spots. So there should be room for transfers or a scholarship to award a walk-on. The question is, would it go to Rodrigo or the long snapper again?
    Another thing people don’t seem to remember is that Richt actually did his best roster management job prior to his last season. Immediately after signing day in 2015, the number sat at 88. Between then and August 1st, when the number has to be at 85 , we lost 5 players and gained 2. That’s the only time I remember going into the season at full capacity. Another oddity about that year was since we took Ganus from UAB, NCAA rules allowed us to be at 86, allowing Davis to be the only walk-on on scholarship.


    • dawgman3000

      Pruitt was managing the roster at that point

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    • Gaskilldawg

      I wonder about Brice Ramsey. He is graduating this spring, so I understand. Would Smart not renew him to make his scholarship available, or would Smart keep him as a QB backup in case Eason got injured and Fromm isn’t ready? Even if he is ready, would Smart want to have Fromm backed up just with walk-ons?
      Second question. Will Fromm’s spring practice and G-Day have any bearing on the answer to the first question?


  8. HR

    We should always get 86 because of who we are.