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Sad beyond words

There are times when that phrase is not a cliché.

This is one of those times.


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I bet they’re kicking ass in the reserve fund standings.

Patrick Garbin tracks the steady slide towards mediocrity under Georgia’s last three athletic directors.  In fact, that slide may be picking up steam.

In Capital One Cup results the last six years, you’ll notice, UGA’s women athletics was a respectable No. 3 in the SEC, with an 18.2 average national ranking. It’s the men sports which dragged the Bulldogs down, ranking only 9th out of 12 conference schools with just 118 points, while averaging around a lowly No. 42 national ranking.

What’s more, the 2017-18 academic year hasn’t got off to the best of starts for UGA athletics as the Bulldogs through January 10 had a combined zero Capital One Cup points for their men and women’s teams, whereas Alabama, South Carolina, Auburn, and Ole Miss—to name a few—have already totaled 36, 18, 9, and 8 points, respectively.

Remind me again why some of you think there’s anyone at Butts-Mehre who’s competent enough to hire and fire personnel above the janitorial level.



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A pictoral guide to defensive front alignments

If you’re like me, a visual learner who finds it easier to understand a concept with graphics than simply words on a page, then you’ll probably find the information at this link helpful.


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What’ll it take to make you happy?

It’s been a while since we’ve had a reader poll, but with the recruiting hay in the barn, the staff reset and nothing else to chew over until G-Day, it seems like an appropriate time to calibrate everyone’s expectations for the 2017 season.  So here goes nothing.

The choices are posed in increasing order of difficulty — for the team, that is.

Feel free to elaborate in the comments.


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Little bitty bump

All it took to nudge Tray Scott from Oxford to Athens was another $25,000 a year.  Add in the benefit of not having to fight through the negative recruiting thrown Ole Miss’ way over the ongoing NCAA investigation and it must have been attractive enough.


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Momma told me not to come.

Ah, Minneapolis in the spring.

“There are not many better places in the spring and summer than the Twin Cities and the state of Minnesota,” Minnesota coach P.J. Fleck said. “It’s some of the most beautiful weather you’ll find in the entire country. That’s what we look forward to showing off.”

All I can say is that any kid from the South who thinks the weather in Minnesota is the same in June as it is in November deserves to freeze his ass off.


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Musical palate cleanser, I don’t need no money edition

This is pretty cool… first half of this clip finds the Temptations laying down “My Girl” in the studio.  If you look carefully, you’ll see Smokey Robinson in the back, directing traffic.

Man, what a song.


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