I blame Chubb.

No doubt Jeff Dantzler likes the way this Georgia fan thinks.

If people expect 2018 the year UGA can truly compete for a conference and maybe national championship, does Chubb and Michel returning hurt those chances a bit?  I know they will mention the young dawgs, but would think that on field time for Brian Herrien, Elijah Holyfield, and D’Andre Swift would be more valuable.
– Logan Duckworth

I’ve seen this line of thinking from others, and I respectfully disagree. The best way to get better as a program is to win, and Chubb and Michel give the team the best chance to win. That lifts everything, including recruiting. I know recruiting went well this year, but Smart and his staff were selling hope and playing time. There’s only so long you can do that. You need to sell winning. And they know that, which is why they didn’t try to talk Chubb and Michel from coming back.

The idea that some in the fan base would find it preferable that Chubb and Michel were discouraged from returning to play in 2017 leaves me shaking my head.  I guess for some the team needs at least one more throwaway season.  Hey, at least they’ve got a ready-made excuse if the team doesn’t check all the boxes in 2018.

Then again, maybe the guy could borrow a page from this concept, and ask Seth in another mailbag about benching Chubb and Michel for the Samford game so the young pups could get some prep work in for the following season.  The future is now, you know.


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  1. MGW

    The second half of they guy’s question is ridiculous.

    As to the first half: I don’t see 2017 as any sort of rebuilding or down season. I see 2017 as the first year we should win the East and COULD be competitive in Atlanta. I see 2018 as the first year we SHOULD be competitive in Atlanta.

    I think a lot of people get realistic hopes and realistic expectations confused around here.

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  2. Fans like this guy who asked the question are why we, as Georgia alumni and fans, can’t have nice things. No one on the roster is even close to as good as Chubb and Michel, and to think their return is a bad thing is just idiotic.


    • 3rdandGrantham

      If he were a Pats fan, he would be openly questioning Belichick for hanging on to an aging Brady, which only serves to hamper Garoppalo’s development and keep the Patriots from winning years down the road.

      That’s literally how absurd his thinking is. Like turning down a million dollars because of the thought of 380K tax bill you receive from such a windfall is just too much to stomach.


      • Brandon

        Wait til after the Spring Game. I’ll bet he writes in the next mailbag asking why Kirby hasn’t gone ahead and named Fromm the #1 guy


        • Russ

          Why wait for the spring game? I’ve already read numerous times that Eason was the problem last year.


          • The Dawg abides

            Shh! It’s like Beetlejuice, if you say it out loud the troll will show up and flood the comments with repetitions of how bad the offense and Eason really are.


          • Macallanlover

            I haven’t seen any outright “Eason was the problem” comments, but he clearly wasn’t the solution either. I think what most of us stating any criticism are just saying he has to make some significant improvement in a couple of areas in 2017 for us to make Atlanta and compete. It isn’t that he cannot do so, only that it isn’t a given. In other words, one group says we have found “the guy”, others say “show me more” before we assign that level of confidence. Just opinions, and I don’t think anyone is against Jason Eason at all. I do feel we have a better QB performance this year regardless of how any of this plays out, just a question of “how much” better.


            • “but he clearly wasn’t the solution”………..A FR QB rarely is


              • Macallanlover

                Very true, and backed by statistical facts. But the point is the “it isn’t a given” that everything will be straightened out portion. We all hope it is, and I expect we will see improvement in some areas…my biggest concern is the accuracy, and the one I feel will most likely is finding the open guy by seeing the field better. One I am not sure about, is comfort in throwing with pressure around him. We will certainly know before mid-season, but probably not before.


      • Uglydawg

        Except Brady doesn’t have a ticking clock on his eligibility, so there is no set day he’s through and Garo has to take over. Also, Brady is accomplishing his teams goals.
        But your correct in that it’s a stupid premise. Was Dooley happy when Herschel left?


    • down island way

      Leave us to remove the send button from Mr. Duckworths pc.


  3. Jack Klompus

    It’s fucking brilliant. If only Mark Richt had the intestinal fortitude to do something similar we would have been Natty Champs in 2012 & 2013- Hutson Mason’s passes don’t get tipped, Bitch!

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  4. DawgPhan

    Reminds me of the “You know we needed Stafford and Moreno to leave to be better as a team” nonsense or the “everyone was just always waiting around for AJ to make a play”

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    • MGW

      God bless Joe Cox and Caleb King, but we all saw how that worked out. It is always better to have better players.


      • DawgPhan

        maybe this is the secret though…tell everyone you dont need your superstars to be a great team, but do it while you still have them. it’s brilliant.

        so much better than saying it after they leave.


  5. RandallPinkFloyd

    But think of 2 recruits we lost due to them coming back, Senator!

    I remember this line of thinking from some when they announced – the recruits that we could possibly lose.


  6. doofusdawg

    wait till next year… wait.


  7. 3rdandGrantham

    Nah, I think Dantzler would disagree with Logan’s polyanna view that ’18 could be the year of the Dawg. Dantzler would tell you that Smart will still be getting his players and system in place, so 2020 at the earliest is when you can begin to evaluate Smart in earnest.

    2024 will be THE watershed year though — no doubt about that.

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  8. Bright Idea

    If having Chubb and Michel means a throwaway season then not having them would mean what, 5, 6 wins?


    • 1945Dawg

      With this coaching staff that’s what I’m thinking. We know they can recruit I don’t know that they can coach them.


  9. Otis Day

    Just stooopid. We are a better team with Chubb and Michel then without them. Benching them for Samford is just plain stooopid again. They have earned every start and every carry.

    I see 2017 as a New Years Six Bowl not another “throw away season”

    2 years away mentality still resides in Athens.


  10. AusDawg85

    I like it. Wait until you’ve got 22 5-stars on the squad, one per position obviously, then give’em 4 years to gel. Natty time! But about that kicker….


  11. 81Dog

    I weep for the future of our program, and our country, if this kind of dumbassery is what we have to look forward to, leadership wise. “No, never mind this year! Let’s tank now so we can be good in 2 or 3 years!!!”

    That worked for the Florida Marlins. It’s never worked for the Atlanta Hawks. It seems like a stupid approach for a college program: run off guys who aren’t just “pretty good players,” they’re probably a couple of the best offensive PLAYERS IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY!!!”

    If running off guys who are the best so that the freshman and sophs who might succeed them was a good idea, Nick Saban would have been doing it in Tuscaloosa. Nick doesn’t run the TALENTED upperclassmen off, just the UNTALENTED ones. No matter how many upperclassmen there are on his depth chart, he always seems to have plenty of layered depth (maybe not at QB this year, but mostly).

    Sheesh. Get better by running off your best players, who are also good citizens and good students. Brilliant!


  12. Throw away? How can it be a throw away season when our toughest opponent at home is Mississippi State? When the east is as bad as it’s ever been? When we’re catching Notre Dame coming off a 4-win season? When we haven’t lost on The Flats in… 16 years? When UT has lost all it’s offensive fire-power?

    Bray on about the OL, but if our coaches get their head out of their ass long enough to forget about #identity and focus on #winning, we should be in Atlanta in December.


  13. PTC DAWG

    Some folks are just dumbasses…yeah Logan, I’m talking to you.


  14. Johnny Griffith

    I don’t know why people fail to appreciate the “throwaway season” as a rebuilding tool. I had three of ’em and was just on the verge of turning the team around when they canned me. I had it all worked out I tells ya!! Kirby is doing it exactly right–just like I did!


  15. Greg

    Yeah, that sounds like a great plan for Samford…I’m sure we had the same plan for Nicholls State last year.

    As for this year being another throw away year, our home schedule is awful and we could easily be a TD or more favorite in every one of those games. The road games are more difficult, but none look to be overwhelmingly tough. If we lose 3 or more and don’t win the East, that will tell us that the doubters were right to question whether or not Kirby could win big games without a decided talent advantage as he had at Bama in every single game.


    • I like Kirby & think he will do an Excellent Job as Coach Of The Dawgs.

      Still I would like to see Bobo come back to Athens.. I Blame Bobo.
      Maybe as a True Assistant Head Coach with a salary competitive
      with that of a head coach at CSU .That would free up Kirby a little.

      QB Coach; OC. Play Caller, & South Georgia Recruiter.
      Also the Head Coach AT Coordinating all Practice Sessions.
      He would earn that Competitive Salary. Anyway I still blame Bobo.


    • Mayor

      The real problem is that Kirby has never been a HC before. He lost at least 2 games–maybe more– last season with bonehead in game decisions. And he can’t even spell “clock management.” We are having to put up with his on the job training and that is a real pisser.


    • lakedawg

      But Loran said that Nickels had better talent th we did. Sanford might be a powerhouse toLoran orDantzler.


  16. Uglydawg

    Who knew that when Herschel left that it made Georgia better? Jeff D. knew..that’s who knew. If he’d left a year earlier, Georgia would have a couple more nattys.