Penn Wagers does not approve of this message.

I am legitimately surprised by this.

Swinney was hardly alone in 2016, the first season in which the NCAA explicitly stated coaches are automatically ejected for two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in a game. Pockets of coaches kept treating the playing field like their personal sanctuary to act like multi-million-dollar mad men.

Not a single coach got ejected at the FBS or FCS level in 2016, according to the NCAA. One officiating coordinator, who asked to remain anonymous, put it this way: “Nobody wants to be the first to do it. It will be huge news. I’ve told our guys, ‘If a coach makes you do that, then you’ve just got to do it.’”

Seriously, between prima donna refs and excitable guys like Boom, how did that not happen even once?


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  1. Dog in Fla

    Where have you gone Bo Pelini?
    A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.


  2. Penn Wagers

    Thanks for the suggestion. I think I’ll make it a point to be the first referee to eject a head coach. Now…which head coach……..I want the one that gets me the most publicity…..Dabo Swinney! Yeah! That’ll get me all over ESPN!!


  3. Uglydawg

    Georgia has to be the’s a “thang” to find obscure ways of screwing UGA. Did Woody Hayes draw a penalty when he smacked the Clemson player? I know it got him fired, but I wonder if he drew a flag. I’ll find out and post.


    • Uglydawg

      You can find a lot on that incident. 1976 Gator Bowl incident. Keith Jackson seemed embarrassed to call what he had to have plainly seen happen. After the ensuing melee, OSU was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct…Hayes skated..but then walked on the field again after the next play and drew another u-l-c penalty and that was it. He wasn’t ejected. But he did lose his job..which was in jeopardy anyway, Penn Wagers did as much to CMR (penalty) for doing almost nothing. Different time, but there was a ref standing right there trying to intervene and seemingly to me, watched WH punching the kid. Woody allegedly said, “you son of a bitch you just got me fired” to the Clemson player.
      My belief has always been that the OSU administration was largely responsible because it was obvious the guy had been off the rails for a long time. They kept him around far too long.


  4. MGW

    Count on it happening week one, now that their manhood has been called out.


    • 83Dawg

      I wish it would happen every game,

      It is one thing to step a couple of steps out on the field once or twice a game, but, lately, the coaches are going waaaaaay beyond that.

      Flag them.

      Use the rules in the book.


  5. DawgPhan

    So weird that the refs didn’t use this same level of judgement when it came to ejecting players for targeting.


  6. Athens Dog

    When you have a designated staff to hold on to your belt, it’s an issue.


  7. 81Dog

    Some of these guys are doing cartwheels onto the field, or (like Harbaugh) throwing crap on the field, and the zebras do nada. Remind me again what AJ Green did to deserve the unsportsmanlike penalty against LSU in 09. Actually, “remind” is the wrong word. EXPLAIN it to me, because I never understood it. Thanks, butthead zebras!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Spike

    I wanna the “Pull Back Guy” on the sideline..


  9. 69Dawg

    The problem is greatest for the Linesman and the Head Linesman who have to stand there with their backs turned and listen to the BS for 4 quarters. They don’t get paid enough. Even if the coaches don’t cuss them they work them. It has been proven by the NFL that if a judgement call type penalty or close play by one team occurs on the other team’s sidelines it will be called in favor of the close sideline team more frequently than if it is on the side of the team committing the penalty or have a close play. The coaches do it because it works. You might go so far as to say a coach is not doing his job if he doesn’t work the Refs. We all know that CMR was a nice guy and would never cross the line and we got screwed constantly by the refs. They know the coaches that will file complaints and they know the coaches that have the power. This is why Saban’s team gets away with murder in the SEC but when there are neutral refs not so much. I think it will take a blow up like Muschamp had in 2015 at Auburn for a coach to get ejected. If I was a ref, the first time the coach cussed me I would flag his butt and with this new rule I don’t think he would do it again because of the potential embarrassment of getting ejected.


  10. Macallanlover

    If it hasn’t happened to Douche Harbaugh yet, it isn’t a real penalty.