The right man for the right time

Either this article is a snark masterpiece, or… well, good grief.


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23 responses to “The right man for the right time

  1. DC Weez

    Maybe AD Fuller will hire Art Briles as head football coach. Briles has had some experience with scandals too.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    John Adams has had an interesting relationship with Phil. But the article really begs the question: If he did all this fine stuff how come they fired him in the first place? Did not Adams have a rather heated discussion with Phil’s wife in the press box at Neyland field once?


    • Normaltown Mike

      as much as some fans bang on CMR, I feel pretty confident that he played a large role in the punkin’s struggles in the 2K’s, and subsequent firing.

      Ole Phil used to draw some of the very best players in the Peach State to his squad. That ended real quick with CMR.


  3. AusDawg85

    Who better to run the FBI than Al Capone? He knew what was required better than anyone.


    • down island way

      When fulmer was asked about the alleged, run of the mill academic fraud, sexual abuse, stolen identity cases, the answer given was ” just the usual criminal activities of our football players”…….see what that god awful color orange does to your perception of reality.


  4. Bright Idea

    UT wants one of their own hillbillies but there aren’t enough of them with teeth qualified for the job so they are discovering recycling. Even Adams and the media who stirred the pot on Fulmer 10 years ago are in on it.


  5. 3rdandGrantham

    Using that rationale, perhaps Art Briles and his former Baylor staff should serve in some various domestic abuse or rape prevention administration role, as they have vast previous experience dealing with and addressing such crisises.


  6. Russ

    Come on, people, he took the girl and her mom to Shoney’s for a meeting. Isn’t that part of Crisis Management 101?


  7. Saxondawg

    Talking points used by Phil’s agent:
    “His comportment during his various house fires was exemplary.”
    “Who better to deal with perennial chaos than one of our most legendary chaos curators?”
    “You learn a great deal in your failings. Philip Fulmer is the most learned candidate out there.”
    “In time, all athletic directors come to be loathed. Philip Fulmer has a head start on anyone we could imagine in this job.”
    “Actually, he was never fatter than Mangino.”


  8. WorkingTitle

    That has to be snark, the whole tone and everything shouts snark.

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    • Argondawg

      Exactly. That was the perfect resume of why he shouldn’t be AD. What the worst that could happen?

      He probably fires boooch week one and hires himself back as head coach and AD. It’s good to be the king.


  9. Doug

    This reminds me of the way people will credit douchebags like Jameis Winston or Nick Marshall for “dealing with adversity,” when those individuals brought said adversity entirely onto themselves.


  10. Bulldog Joe

    Beverly Davenport’s first action as the new UT chancellor was to reinstate the University’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion and their guide to using the proper gender transitional pronouns.

    Bringing Fulmer into this environment would be fun to watch.