Today, in WTF

I mean, damn, just damn.

Nothing like planning ahead, I always say.


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8 responses to “Today, in WTF

  1. truck

    Maybe they let him sleep it off when the wife is upset. The “Otis Campbell” syndrome.


  2. Walt

    Not surprising. Someone in Louisiana gave Nick Saban a key to their jail last season.


  3. HVL Dawg

    Ross Dellenger Verified account

    Yes. It’s a joke.

    Orgeron didn’t actually receive a key to the jail. It was in jest from the sheriff.

    Everyone take a deep breath.


  4. Can anyone imagine the ACC police chief, Clarke County sheriff or Barney Fife/Jimmy Williamson doing this even as a joke?

    Me neither. They would just give Kirby Aaron’s Bail Bonds’ phone number.