“I think a lot of people think of him as this buffoon figure.”

And, so, friends, it’s come to this:  Mitch Mustain is asked to explain Lane Kiffin.


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5 responses to ““I think a lot of people think of him as this buffoon figure.”

  1. Bright Idea

    If you read this, the headline of this post is a bit of fake news, LOL!


  2. But a hell of an OC at Bama.


  3. 81Dog

    I don’t think any of the three QBs was negative, even Mustain. The worst thing Mustain said was Lane didn’t seem really engaged as a HC, but in the same breath, he praised Lane’s ability to scheme and play call. Mustain’s view as someone who didn’t win the job under Lane was pretty fair, and largely positive.

    Lane is obviously a talented, if flawed, person. Maybe he learned from his previous mistakes. Maybe he didn’t. Not everyone is cut out to be The Head Coach, and some people have to mature and grow into that kind of leadership position. Just because he is/was an OC prodigy doesn’t mean he was a HC prodigy (though overall, he did ok on the field at UT). And, just because he wasn’t a success at USC doesn’t mean he cant learn. He did his penance working under Saban, and appears to have done a good job, kept his mouth shut, and moved on to a second tier (or lower) HC job. The last little bit at Alabama was a little ragged, but given Saban’s personality and Lane’s, the wonder to me isn’t that it happened. It’s that it didn’t happen his first week on the job. Saban doesn’t strike me as a guy who is sentimental about football decisions, so Lane’s hiring suggests Saban saw real value in the hire. The fact that he lasted as long as he did suggests Saban saw real value in the job he actually did. I think a fair person would have to give both of them credit for making it work for as long and as well as it did.

    I don’t hate the guy. I don’t love the guy. But, I don’t think his prior struggles should preclude him from getting another chance. If he pans out at FAU, good for them. If he fails, that’s life.