Kirby gets a break.

This is good news.

I’ll be interested in seeing the details on how they dodged the bullet on one of the stranger brain farts of 2016.


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  1. Bright Idea

    Things are really changing. In the past UGA would have Kindley declared a junior so the NCAA wouldn’t be mad at them for flaunting the redshirt rule.

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    • Argondawg

      Well he look like a junior so per the Georgia way we should declare him one. I stood next to him about a month ago. He is exactly what we should be looking for in our guards. He was an absolute giant. I hope he lives up to his moving train nickname. Looked like he had thinned down some. Probably closer to 315 give or take a 10lbs. Massive fluid moving human. Just hope that translates on the field


  2. Dawgxian

    Gonna be funny when he graduates in 3 years and leaves for the NFL or xfers to some team Ga meets up with in the post season


  3. Kirby had it planned all along. Master of getting 4 years + 1 snap. #gamethesystem #efficency #process


  4. The Georgia Way

    There is no need to be concerned.

    We have already filed our appeal.


    • Dawg1

      I had a freind, GREAT guy, who gave the car salesman an extra $1000 on the sale as the salesman had told him he was losing money on the car at the price he offerred it to him! That’s the Georgia Way for sure.


  5. Cojones

    UGA has more from Dasher’s Tweet.

    Was sure this last year that the 1-game snap was no longer the measuring stick. Thought Mecole Hardman got mixed up in the new ruling as well. Kirby alludes to it, but I’m not sure he was precise enough to let us enjoy the NCAA rule now used. If anyone is aware, it would be nice to see the NCAA options that are now provided.



    I’m convinced they were all in prior to the debacle at the end of the UT game…I’m thinking a few other young OL guys would have played if we had won that one.

    It is good news though on the Redshirt.


  7. 69Dawg

    I think the NCAA should change the damn rule and let the guys play in the last few games and the bowl games. The way underclassman are going out early and not playing in the bowls is only going to get worst. The grads are transferring at a greater rate. All the injuries the end of the year is beginning to make teams resemble the French Army returning from Russia.


  8. It was not a brain fart, but of course, that wouldn’t stop you from using it as another opportunity to criticize the current coaching staff. Do you think he was not aware that if a player plays that there are only certain conditions that would enable them to seek a redshirt? A brain fart would have been to continue to play him sparingly because he did not think a redshirt was possible.


    • It was not a brain fart, but of course, that wouldn’t stop you from using it as another opportunity to criticize the current coaching staff.

      Haterz gone hate.

      And this sure sounds like a well-thought out plan.

      There was some concern as to whether Kindley would be granted a redshirt as a result. Georgia head coach Kirby Smart was hopeful back in November that Kindley would potentially get another year of eligibility.

      “It was a situation we thought surely he would play more throughout the year,” Smart said three months ago. “If you lose a guy, now you’ve got a guy that’s got playing experience.”

      At the time, Smart wasn’t sure if he’d get a redshirt and even leaned toward thinking he wouldn’t. But he did say that sometimes the NCAA will grant redshirts to players when a limited amount of snaps are played in the first four games of the year.

      Smart also said back in November that Kindley was dealing with an injury at one point, and therefore a medical redshirt might have been a possibility.

      “We’re basically looking into all those with him to hopefully get him back,” Smart said. “To be honest with you, if he’s a really good player like we think he will be, then he may not play that next year anyway.”


      • dawgtired

        I guess we have to be careful how we critique the staff now that we know Kirby’s mom posts here. 😉

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      • Mdcgtp

        Trolls going troll.


        • I’m trolling my own blog? LMAO.

          I notice you don’t have a response for what Jason Butt wrote.


          • Mdcgtp

            Your blog essentially is trolling for attention through its criticism of the coaching staff and how they have gone about their business. The notion that a coaching staff that inherits a roster as incomplete as ours in 2016 coupled with the type of culture that was ingrained as we had under Richt would not have to deal with major transition is folly. Our record would have been a throwaway record…no matter what. Kirby has made no secret that 10-3 is as unsatisfactory to him as 8-5. The key for him in 2016 was learning to compete, which he would also say was mixed.

            As for Kindley and your Butt reference. It was NEVER a brain fart because they knew what they were doing when they inserted him in the line up. I was in Columbia when they inserted him into the game, they knew exactly what they were doing. Whether or not he got the redshirt had no impact on that. they did not insert him into the game at Mizzou with the assumption that they would redshirt him later. When they decided he was not going to play in future weeks, they held him out. Kirby’s public comments simply expressed his expectations for the process, and quite frankly, none of us know exactly how detailed he paperwork has to be for a medical redshirt.


            • It’s obviously not worth spending a lot more time on this, since you’ve got your narrative and you’re going to run with it, but the idea that, after 10 1/2 of running this blog and generating 30+ million hits, I need to troll for attention is pretty ludicrous. (And if that’s really what I’m doing, why are you the only one who seems to have taken the bait?)

              As for your spin on the matter, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but there are some rather large leaps of faith in there. More power to you.


            • Gaskilldawg

              I know when I am sitting in the stands at away games the coaching staff shares with their substitution strategy, too. Sorry I was not in Columbia as Smart did not keep me in the loop during the game.


              • I guess the logic of taking an undersized OG like Sims who can’t drive block out of the game on 3rd and 1 and replacing him with a 350 lb teammate is harder for some to understand. Good to know.


                • If it’s so logical, why only for one play all season?


                • Because the play was in one of the first four games, and after that time, the coaching staff recognized that it would have been impossible to get a redshirt (medical or otherwise). Again, whether he actually obtained the redshirt is NOT of issue. It was reasonable to play him when they did, and it was reasonable to reassess how much he would play after game 4 and hold him out without 100% certainty of obtaining the redshirt.

                  You could argue Kirby’s decision to play him was misguided and wrong given where Kindley was in his development at the time and probability of being able to secure regular PT in 2016, but I am not sure what about the process qualifies as a “brain fart”.

                  A brain fart is….let’s let Kindley travel so he can get the experience of being in the stadium or serve as an insurance policy if we face a rash of injuries and then putting him in for an extra point.

                  Playing him on 3rd and short when opposing defensive lines had stuffed our running game for 5 straight quarters seems like a premeditated strategy to get a better result, which was supported by the fact that his one play occurred after we called timeout because Sims did not leave the field early enough when Kindley entered the huddle.


                • So now we’ve gone from accusing me of trolling to quibbling over semantics.


    • Dog in Fla

      “Do you think he was not aware that if a player plays that there are only certain conditions that would enable them to seek a redshirt?”

      No because the memory bank in Kirby’s brain is too big to fail


  9. Otto

    Good to see the UGA way is changing, after how poorly B-M handled Gurley, AJ Green, and took surgery to prove another offensive lineman wasn’t taking steroids.


  10. AthensHomerDawg

    Now that is roster management for the win. Richt wouldn’t have received an Incomplete. They would have Failed him.


  11. CB

    Strange that Kindley’s status was up in the air when Tavarres King was granted a redshirt after playing 4 games his freshman year.


    • Wasn’t that a medical redshirt after he hurt his ankle severely?


      • CB

        That sounds correct. I guess I just don’t see the difference eligibility wise between Kindley playing one snap without an injury and King playing four games and being granted a med rs. What is the goal of the NCAA when it comes to redshirts that would lead to such a discrepancy? I’m lost.


        • You’re asking me to explain the NCAA? LOL.

          I got the impression, at the time at least, that Kindley’s lack of playing time afterwards wasn’t due to injury. Afterwards, Smart started hedging about his health. If there wasn’t an injury problem the rules are pretty clear — any play results in a loss of a year’s eligibility. It’s really silly in this context and all I can hope is that somebody managed to convince the NCAA not to be a stickler. Either that, or they came up with a convincing medical report somewhere along the way.


  12. The 984

    The AFCA suggested just last month that the redshirt rule be changed to allow redshirts if a player plays in fewer than 4 games in a season, irrespective of injuries. I wonder if this signals that the NCAA is leaning towards adopting that rule.