Today, in one of these things is unlike the others

Can you pick out which team on this list hasn’t played for a national title through the entirety of the covered period?

I thought you could.



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  1. I almost sent this to you yesterday, but I knew you would be on the mother.

    I guess it’s going to be #DHBM (Dead Horse Beating Monday) at GTP.


    • It’s the offseason, the time for new, pesky stats. Don’t blame me for bringing them to everyone’s attention. 😉


      • Given all of the success of the program, we have never gotten the one break that would have allowed us to play for it all. The closest we came to that was 2002 with the USCe fumble on the 2 and 70 X-Takeoff. While we have have gotten shutout in 2005, DJ’s injury essentially shut us out of any hope for a national championship. Of course, we didn’t take care of business in 2007, but Tennessee got the end of season breaks. We were the 2nd best team in 2012, but Alabama was the best. Everything was going our way in 2013 until Kneeland.

        Playing for and winning a national championship requires a lot of good bounces, a healthy team and a little bit of luck.


        • Playing for and winning a national championship requires a lot of good bounces, a healthy team and a little bit of luck.

          You would think over the course of two decades, things would break Georgia’s way at least once. That they never did suggests something more than sheer randomness was in play.

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          • I can’t disagree with that. Clearly, roster management was an issue. For a long time, financial support from the powers that be was an issue. The ability to come up big in big games eventually sunk us. While many point to Alabama 2007 as that turning point, I still say New Year’s night 2006 in the Dome against West Virginia was that game for me.


          • Macallanlover

            When you say “over two decades” something would happen once, that sounds reasonable and frankly, we have gotten several very good breaks over that period of time. But it only matters when those intersect at the exact same time, with a specific team. In this century, there have been about 6 or 7 specific plays nationally that made a difference in the 2002, 2007, and 2012 years (the only ones relevant) It just didn’t happen on those plays for us. The difference for Clemson this past year was the kicker for NC State missed a 33 yard FG. Change that, and they aren’t in the Top 4 and play in the Cotton Bowl last season bemoaning the fact that they never get that break. Not saying, teams cannot control their own destiny, but there are very few teams that play for the top spot that haven’t benefited from some random play that happens in a game they were not even involved in. But yeah, we are tired of hearing about it.

            Still have to appreciate that being considered that high is a big upgrade for UGA based on our history. Not nearly the doom and gloom one would think as we all complain about what we don’t have.


          • Exactly. 2007 was the year. But Spurrier got in our heads and we shit the bed in Knox.


  2. I know which team it is. The fans have been called the most frustrated of them all.


  3. Athens Dog

    The “Georgia way?”


  4. dawgman3000

    I totally look forward to all of the non biased post on this subject Senator.😉


  5. UGA85

    Look at the talent bases of the teams listed. I see no one with a built in talent advantage over UGA in all the major sports, not just football. The elite football, basketball, and baseball talent in Georgia has led to conference and national titles for Clemson (and others) in football, Duke and UNC (and others) in basketball, USC and Florida (and others) in baseball, etc., etc. Is it too much to ask that our athletes actually bring championships home to UGA?


  6. The Georgia Way

    We dominated the aughts as the most profitable Athletic Department and we’ve been in the top five this entire decade.

    And that’s another Bulldog Point of Pride!


  7. rchris

    And of the 9 other teams on this list only Ohio State and Oklahoma have won more games than us over the time period covered.

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  8. I blame McGarity for the last 20 years.


  9. DawgPhan

    It really is amazing. To be so consistently great for so long and yet to have never played in the title game. if you wanted to do it, you probably couldnt.

    yet here we are no title game appearances and all indicators pointing at UGA as a team that should be playing for a title this season.


  10. JCDAWG83

    The devil is in the details and lack of attention to all the details has derailed us year after year. We’ve had great talent but it’s been concentrated in some areas and other areas have been neglected so we’ve never had a complete team. We have consistently found a way to lose games to teams with less talent. We’ve had some of the most bonehead coaching moves imaginable. We’ve kept asst coaches around for years after everyone with working eyeballs could see they needed to be replaced. Our fan base has accepted disappointing seasons with nothing more than cries of “if only” and “5 yards away” and “next season is the year we win it all” and have created the culture where 10 wins has become the new undefeated at Georgia. The entire culture of athletics at the University of Georgia has become one of “good enough is good enough”. In all sports, as long as a coach has a winning record and stays out of trouble with the NCAA, nothing more will be asked of them. Championships are nice, but there is zero focus on them as any sort of requirement for a coach keeping his/her job.

    Dooley, Evans and now McGarity have all presided over this. The problem is not McGarity, it is the fans. As long as the fans accept the mediocre state of Georgia athletics as a whole and Georgia football specifically and reward the BM crowd with year after year of record revenue, there is no sane reason to expect any great change.