Don’t even think about leaving.

The buyout provisions of Major Applewhite’s first contract with Houston are something to behold.

If Houston were to fire Applewhite, the school would owe him the base salary — $650,000 — for each year remaining on the deal. But if Applewhite were to leave, he would owe the full $1.5 million — that’s his base salary plus “non-salary compensation” — for every year remaining on the deal plus any buyouts owed to assistant coaches not retained by the new head coach.

Hell’s bells, no wonder Junior’s not coaching there.


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  1. Rethinking my life decisions – I should have been a contract lawyer.

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  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    So, has Jimmy Sexton started working the school side of the street?


  3. DawgPhan

    So i guess that Houston is no longer interested in attracting high quality coaches.

    nice to know.

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    • Otto

      or they’re interested in getting good coaches and making Texas and Texas A&M pay to be their training camp for future head coaches.

      A&M would never hire out of Houston or have a HC on the hot seat…


    • Otto

      Briles, Sumlin, and Herman were all hired out of Houston. Applewhite played and coached at Texas and coached at Bama under Saban. If Houston continues to win who is going to come to hire Herman? May as well get paid when he leaves so you have the cash to pay the next one.


      • DawgPhan

        those guys probably didnt have this contract.

        Having to pay your buyout and the buyout of all your assistant coaches?

        this now also puts the coach in the awkward spot when it comes to multiyear deals on his assistants. Does he try and get multiyear deals for his assistants when he knows that every multiyear deal he signed means less chance for him to move up to a better job?

        When Houston had a chance at P5 status, then this might have been a thing, but they are firmly G5 now and no chance of moving.

        This is clearly BSD houston booster (I forget the name) deciding they need more input into football and having their feelings hurt by Herman.


  4. Doggoned

    If Major produces like his predecessor, I think we’ll see how that contract holds up.


  5. Thanks for the album reminder.