Lots of options

Just a reminder of who’s on the roster at offensive line going into spring practice:

Returning Starters/Contributors:Isaiah Wynn (Sr.), Lamont Gaillard (Jr.), and Dyshon Sims (Sr.)

Notes: Georgia loses Greg Pyke, Tyler Catalina and Brandon Kublanow from the 2016 season and that leaves three holes to fill. Right tackle, left tackle, and center. Gaillard is the favorite to step in at center although Sims has worked there quite a bit since last season’s bye week before the Florida game. Sims will also battle at left and right guard while Wynn gets looks at left guard and left tackle. All three improved as the year progressed in 2016 and will be light years ahead of others in regards to their knowledge and practice of the scheme.

Contenders: Pat Allen (Soph.), Kendall Baker (Jr.), Chris Barnes (RFr), Michael Barnett (Soph.), Aulden Bynum (Sr.), Ben Cleveland (RFr.), Sage Hardin (Soph.), D’Marcus Hayes (Jr.), Solomon Kindley (RFr.), and Sam Madden (Soph.)

Notes: This will be a big spring for each of these contenders and for difference reasons. It’s probably now or never for guys like Allen, Hardin and Madden. If they don’t make a move in their third year in the program, there’s a good chance those players from the 2016 and 2017 classes will leap over them. For guys like Bynum and Baker, time is running out in general.

Then you have Hayes, who’ll be given every opportunity to win a job at tackle. At 6-foot-6 the raw ability is there. Early word is that he must get in shape in order to win a job. Barnett has been working on the offensive line for just four months now, so he might need some time.

That’s thirteen; that’s also before you get the studs coming in for August.  That’s a lot of bodies to sort out between now and Appalachian State.

If you read Rowe’s analysis, things are pretty much in a state of flux, which is to be expected, given the hopes for Hayes to start at left tackle.  If he does, that probably cleans up a lot.  If he doesn’t, we may be looking at a situation very different from last year’s when the lineup was essentially settled after Catalina arrived.  If that’s because of competition — and you have to hope with the quality of the incoming class, it would be to some degree — well and good.  If that’s because they don’t have enough kids step up to play at an SEC level, get ready to pull your hair out again over the play calling.



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17 responses to “Lots of options

  1. Hayes steps right in and wins LT outright. Have seen him play over the last 2 years at MGCCC. Freshman year he was rough, sophomore year showed marked improvement, Pittman will polish him up and he will be a good one for us for the next 2 years. Wil be the surprise of the spring for a lot of us.


    • Not to sound negative (maybe skeptical), but when was the last time we had a JUCO offensive lineman come in and be a difference maker? I’ll believe it when I see it.


      • Can’t think of any offensive guys but John Jenkins and Kendrell Bell are the best I can think of. I don’t think Odell Thurman counts.


        • Watched Jenkins play also for 2 years at MGCCC and said on another board that he would come in and start and be a mainstay on the DL. I am not wrong about Hayes. He will be pretty good at watching Eason’s arse


  2. RandallPinkFloyd

    I’d bet good money on one of the Cedar Grove kids starting at G before September is over. Those kids are maulers.


    • I saw them in the AAA state championship game against GAC, who was really good against the run this year. Shaffer and Johnson are really good and the reason CG won the state title.


  3. Red Cup

    Of the contenders, I believe Hayes, Kindley, , and Cleveland are the only ones who will contend for a starting position. The others were all available last year ( non red shirts) and must not have shown much. Wonder how many will transfer at the end of spring?


    • DawgPhan

      havent all indicators pointed at Cleveland never seeing the field in athens?

      It has now been several years since he took a competitive snap @ OL in a game.


      • Russ

        How does he go from being a 5* OL to never seeing the field?


        • DawgPhan

          You start with a five star junior committing to UGA. You then move him to defense his senior year and he gets downgraded to 4 stars. Add in some low competition in high school, big for biggness sake and probably not enough time in the gym and there you go.


    • Lots Of Options. Many Scholarship OLs Already On Campus.
      Then You have the 2017 True Freshman Ols that could be a factor.
      It seems to me that the Dawgs are loaded or overloaded With OL Players.
      Yhat Would Be A Very Good Situation.. GATA.


  4. Senator, did Jeff Dantzler or Kevin Butler hack your account this morning? It sounds like a “Get ready for another throwaway season” post.


  5. Russ

    “… and that leaves three holes to fill.”

    You could have said that during most of the games last year as well.

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