Ole Miss follow up, part four

Shit, meet fan.

If the Committee agrees with the case against Ole Miss, a two-year bowl ban is a real possibility. The Rebels self-imposed a one-year ban on Wednesday, but the difference of a season is massive; a two-year ban would allow for current scholarship players to transfer without penalty.

Ole Miss would then have to survive being eaten alive by defections in addition to any potential scholarship restrictions the COI hands out.

Rival schools are not wasting time. When contacted by SB Nation Wednesday evening, coaches on two different SEC staffs confirmed their schools will evaluate the Rebels’ roster for potential talent, in case a two-year ban allowed transfers to play immediately.

Hoo, boy.  This is why you beef up support staffs, boys.



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63 responses to “Ole Miss follow up, part four

  1. JG Shellnutt

    Let’s not get hasty.
    I’d like to see the Ole Miss spring game QBR’s before we rush into anything.

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  2. I’d like some of their wide receivers.


  3. Red Cup

    How does Freeze keep his job?


    • Dolly Llama

      Who says he does, when all is said and done?


    • merk

      Pretty simple, they will be facing post season bans and possible scholarship reductions. Not really going to do much good to boot Freeze and try to find someone good willing to come into that kind of crap. If they lose many players, then they could be hurting for years.

      However, I am not sure how long they have before they will not be able to use this situation to void Freeze’s contract if they decided to boot him, so they would not have to worry about payouts to Freeze & staff for termination.


  4. Dawg1

    Wouldn’t mind Van Jefferson et al to join us.


  5. Spike

    Better them than us..


  6. Athens Dog

    They have any good O line?


  7. steve

    Really? The NCAA sanctions cheaters? I thought their only job descriptions were to eschew Auburn’s systemic corruption, clear their throat, count dollas and divert cash.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Don’t worry, counting dollars and diverting ca$h is still job 1.

      The Auburn priority faded after enforcement director Dave Didion returned to the plains. Right now, Auburn and Alabama have enough dirt on each other to live in peaceful détente.

      The worst infraction Ole Miss committed was beating Alabama twice in a row. Something needed to be done.


      • So the NCAA will ignore it if Ole Miss offers up cheating allegations and/or evidence by other SEC West members? If the Ole Miss bagmen have information about Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, LSU, Miss St. and Texas A&M, they are just going to let it slide? I don’t think that teams from the East that have gone head to head for prospects with Ole Miss over the last five years will be safe.


        • Cojones

          This above all should peak our interest in other programs of interest in the SEC. The NCAA now has a crowbar and have alluded to it being used to uncover any and all skullduggery (beginning in 2013-14) by giving amnesty to players and others.

          Everyone should read Godfrey’s article to the last to get the remaining good-tasting gravy from the NCAA’s soppy biscuit. It’s of twice the interest as Freeze revenge offers and whets the appetite of the pitchforkers’ gathering in corners of the SEC West (and East as per U.J.’s thoughts above).

          There’s still the last shoe to drop with no mention of the Tunsil case. Too many reports of NCAA meetings with stepdad in the hamburger joint’s parking lot for it not to have arrived at a place to pause while other charges are heaped on as we move along. I expect it will come up again as soon as they have touched all the apples affected in the barrel.


  8. Bulldog Joe


    Considering who the chair of the NCAA infractions committee is, I don’t think this will be a problem.


    • Timphd

      But Michael Adams is on the committee and he is all too familiar with The Georgia Way.


      • Otto

        I would be more concerned Adams is unhappy with moving away from the UGA way. A kid who played a snap getting a redshirt, surely tHe win at all costs nature of this decision is destroying Adams legacy.


      • The Georgia Way

        Dr. Adams is still a friend of the program and is advising us on how to take best moral and financial advantage of this situation well ahead of any formal announcements by the infractions committee.

        We are in front of this. Fines, scholarship reductions, suspensions, dismissals, bowl sanctions, and the reduction of COA stipends are all on the table for Georgia personnel who may have had contact with Ole Miss or any of the affected recruits. We also have the full support of local law enforcement.

        You can be confident we will self-assess these penalties regardless of the school these individuals represented at the time, or represent now.

        And remember, this is another Bulldog Point of Pride!


        • Mayor

          Mike Adams is a friend to Mike Adams and to no one else. I would remind you that he was the guy who threw the Georgia basketball team under the bus when 1 or 2 team members took a basketball course that they didn’t have to show up to. The proper response would have been to suspend the subject players and the assistant coach who taught the course plus possibly the HC and let the rest of the innocent players on the team team go to the SEC Tournament (which BTW UGA was contractually obligated to send a team to) even if you had to send temporary coaches with them. All that was to protect Adams’ own ass. UGA had a damn good basketball team at the time. Adams’ actions destroyed the program and it arguably has never recovered.


  9. steve

    ‘Mississippi radio host Bo Bounds on Hugh Freeze: ‘It’s going to be really difficult for him to survive’
    Freeze is holding a pair of black eights and aces (dead-man’s hand) with his back to the door and Larry Tunsil, his body guard, is in a Robert Nkemdiche fourth-floor coma.
    Freeze’s legal team is currently researching precedents to challenge ”show-cause penalty ‘ from the NCAA.
    Freeze will soon be at the ‘bargaining’ phase of the grief reaction.


  10. watcher16

    I’m sure McGarity is making sure our staff doesn’t do anything just yet: The Georgia Way and all.


  11. Bubs

    I’m just here for the scholarship reductions. Dont worry…I’ll wait.


  12. Will ADGM volunteer 1 year post season bowl exclusion proactively by UGA to avoid any investigation by the NCAA, just in case? LOL.


  13. W Cobb Dawg

    Ole miss is going to get out of this, wait and see. When everyone gets together in a 12th floor meeting room to discuss the infractions Freeze is gonna light up some of that Nkemdiche weed, put on his gas mask, and all those ncaa ‘investigators’ are going to get super-stoned and jump out the window. Problem solved.


    • Cojones

      Nice. Would think they would go to sleep if super-stoned. Any medicinal reactions attributed to weed because of Nkemdiche or Tunsil’s hotel shenanigans aren’t valid since we don’t know how many other substances are mixed with it.

      Ole Miss may escape as an institution, but the principals involved won’t. This net has become the bagman’s nemesis and has only begun to drag deep where the whaleshit lies.


    • Jokes a side–I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Ole Miss gets off with a slap on the wrist. They turned a blind eye to the Cam Newton shenanigans, but threw the book at AJ. They virtually let Johnny Football off… then over-punished Gurley. I expect zero fairness from the evenhanded NCAA enforcement committee.


  14. ApalachDawg

    Red Elephant Club for the win!


  15. Chico Dawg

    My guess is the rest of “big college football” is doing an internal audit on their own practices today, making sure that the same mistakes that Ole Miss made aren’t being made by their own sausage grinders. They are sitting around HOPING that compliance doesn’t get the phone call from Big Brother with notification that during the Ole Miss investigation something came up with their program. My supposition is that you will see very little negative or backhanded public comment by competitors here, because they all know they live in glass houses.
    Call me a skeptic/ conspiracy theorist/ whatever. I always have and always will remain on the side that everybody in big college football violates rules, and the only variable is to what level or to what level of knowledge. Some schools “take care” of kids once they enroll, some go a little further. As some other folks have commented on this thread, certain schools seem to skate by with what seems like pretty obvious egregious behavior; particularly those just to our west. I think the two of them do a good job of keeping each other in check, refraining from opening Pandoras Box on each other. After all, those two get just as much joy in watching the other one suffer as they do from their own accomplishments. I cannot help but wonder that if our program does indeed reach elite levels, will those two choose to let it happen?

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    • @Chico: I agree totally on what you state about the overall big college football and violations. Some skate, some don’t. Kinda like when Martha Stewart went to prison. Who did she piss off? Cause she was just doing what all of her buddies were doing.
      Freeze and Ole Miss really pissed someone off. So, in agreement, is UGA next if they start slaying the big one to the West.
      My rambling is over.


  16. While the schadenfreude from Freeze’s tweet is very delicious, it’s pretty hard for me to get worked up over a few football players getting like $37K. In the Staples piece you linked to earlier, he points out that Freeze earns that every three days.

    I really do wonder if this is going to turn into a mutually assured destruction situation where the bagmen from various schools in the SEC declare war on each other now that it appears some have broken the code of silence.


  17. DawgByte

    They really need to hammer Ole Miss on scholarship reductions!


  18. Russ

    Trent Thompson hospitalized and dropping out this semester? Hope he’s okay.