Trent Thompson sacks himself.

I have no particular insight about what Trent Thompson’s condition might be, so in that regard, all I can do is wish him the best for a speedy recovery, whether that involves a future at Georgia or otherwise.

Chip Towers reports that he’s been released from the hospital, but the rest of the details are murky.

There are conflicting reports as to the cause of his medical issues but it is not believed to be football related. Police have not yet responded to requests for a report. Sources with knowledge of the situation told DawgNation no drugs or alcohol were involved.

“Trenton was recently discharged from the hospital and remains under close medical care,” a statement by UGA said. “With respect to last night’s incident, the physical appearance and behavior described in the UGA PD report is solely related to an adverse reaction to medications prescribed specifically for his medical condition. The adverse reaction required emergency transport to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center where he was treated and released.”

No idea what that medical condition might be, although Towers also reports that Marshall Thompson may have underwent shoulder surgery this offseason.  It’s not worth speculating beyond that.

If there’s anything noteworthy about the matter, it’s the restraint displayed by the UGAPD officer who first came upon Thompson clearly in distress.  No overreaction and EMS was called.  Considering that Williamson’s finest once arrested a football player for failing to give his middle name, that’s almost praiseworthy behavior.  It’s certainly professional.  Good enough that I’ll refrain from snark.

This is a little weird, though.

Grady News Source, UGA’s in-house television news production team, asked Georgia kicker Rodrigo Blankenship what he knew about the situation.

“Trent has asked that we don’t speak to anybody else about what’s happened, just because the football team is a brotherhood and a family,” Blankenship said in a brief interview that appeared on WSB-TV.

Rodrigo Blankenship, team spokesman?  And you’d think that the in-house news staff would know in advance that it wouldn’t get much in the interview, so was the only point to reinforce the “we’re a family” talk?  Like I said, a little weird.



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  1. Get well soon, Trent. You’re right. This whole episode has been odd.


  2. Spike

    Ditto ee…

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  3. merk

    Seems like what this was some type of an adverse reaction to his medications for a condition. I would think that being able to handle 2 years playing in the SEC would bode well that this condition is not limiting to his on the field time. Also seems like as long as he is recovered by August, then he should not face any NCAA imposed bans on playing time. I would think missing out on spring practice should not hurt Trent. This might actually be a benefit, as other players can get more reps in and hopefully show something during the spring to add some depth to the DL.


    • WF Dawg

      That was my question: how does withdrawing from spring semester affect TT’s fall eligibility to play? Maybe he could make enough academic progress taking summer classes? All else failing, he could take a redshirt this season and come back next season.


  4. Marc

    Blankenship is a journalism major. He may have been easily available for an interview if he was in a Grady class.


  5. jtp03

    Who is Marshall?


  6. dawgfan

    Thompson just needs to get better. Going back home might be just what he needs to do that. Hopefully he can come back and attend class in the fall and take a redshirt even if he’s not ready to play.


  7. Russ

    Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery. The kid has a bright future once he gets past this.

    And I agree on the restraint from the police. Nice to see some professionalism.


  8. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I’ve given Jimmy Williamson’s guys a fair bit of criticism in the past, but this really was well handled. I hope that becomes a norm to the point that I won’t feel like I have to comment on it in the future.


  9. Gravidy

    First of all, I just hope he gets well. Secondly, it’s a sad commentary on the relationship between the team and the local authorities that we are all so struck by how – ummm, competently – the police officer handled this situation. Hopefully, that is a harbinger of things to come.


  10. sUGArdaddy

    Withdrawing is not the same as failing classes. There are high school seniors right now who are not enrolled in classes who will play next fall.


    • Not sure where he sits but this is where he will need to be before Fall semester:

      Academic Requirements Prior to the Third Year of Enrollment

      Regular Academic Term: 6 semester/6 quarter hours of credit
      Regular Academic Year: 18 semester/27 quarter hours of credit
      Degree Credit: Credits used must go toward the designated degree
      Annual/Percentage-of-Degree: 40-percent of the designated degree must be completed
      Grade-Point Average: 95-percent of the minimum GPA required for graduation (1.9 if a 2.0 is the minimum)


  11. DawgPhan

    Given Williams history, I expect the officer to be fired immediately.

    So he is also pulling out of school? I didnt read that part.

    And what was with the mention of the clean oxy screen?


    • In one report he told the officer that he took 2 oxys. That is scary too–It would take 3 or 4 regular size people to catch the kid if he were to start falling.

      Like others have said–I am amazed and impressed by the officer’s handling of the situation. Maybe Kirby hung Williamson off a 8 story balcony Sug Knight style his first day on the job.


  12. Argondawg

    The kid from what I understand is coming off of shoulder surgery recently. I am not sure how extensive but if you’ve never been on pain meds for the first time and your away at college……that could be some of what we are seeing. I can’t remember him ever getting into any kind of trouble before. Best to him in his recovery. Whatever the situation may be.


  13. Macallanlover

    I am a little pessimistic from all I have heard. First the shoulder surgery, then a bad reaction to Rocker’s departure, now this. Reports are there was no alcohol or illegal drugs involved, and he tested negative to oxy, so that is the good part. But if he wasn’t thrilled with a new position coach, and he misses this coming season while he gets it back together, why would be come back for the next season? He is a gifted player that would be eligible for the draft in Spring of 2018, with all the injury concerns of players, I just don’t like the feel of this. Hope it works out great for him and us.


    • Otto

      Will he get drafted if he sits a year? If he sits a year he could be eligible to transfer as well.

      Whatever his path, I hope he recovers and keeps his life on track, whether at UGA, in the NFL, another school, or graduating and getting a job.


  14. Kind of reminds me of the FSU QB who had Lyme Disease. The initial reaction was the kid was on drugs.


    • ChuckTownDawg

      I think that is a typical response considering that drug related issues is something they see all the time at colleges. It happened to my daughter- she had a siezure in her dorm room. Campus police reported a suspected OD and that she was non responsive when they asked her “what was she on?”. Turns out she had a benign brain tumor.


      • Good lord,Chuck, hope all turned out well. That would have scared the shit out of me. Did scare the shit out of me when oldest grandson had a major seizure. Again hope all turned out well.


  15. junkyardawg41

    Not a medical expert but based on the behavior and lack of “recreational” influences, my guess is this is an adverse medical reaction to prescription medication. My guess is the withdrawl from classes is so he can get healthy — chances are whatever the problem is would have adversely impacted his ability to complete school work. I think it very wise of him and his family to withdraw him from class, I applaud the good work by law enforcement, and I wish him a speedy recovery.


  16. SOWEGA Mafia

    Where you find t rocker, you will find t Thompson….


  17. you know

    Thompson taking a redshirt or not, he is NFL bound after next year.


  18. acfritze

    I’m afraid that Trenton will not make it to the NFL.

    I have been told by a reliable source close to the situation that Mr. Thompson’s mental health has been rapidly degrading over the last four weeks. Unfortunately, my contact used the term Schizophrenia.

    I pray that I am wrong. Because that kid refused to let last year’s team be mediocre, and he deserves every NFL dollar that was headed his way.


  19. I don’t know what is up with TT but I had a friend in college who had to withdraw from classes to get chemo…..I pray he doesn’t have to fight that terrible disease, Godspeed young man.


  20. From someone, who had a severe reaction to a pain medication, hope he is well and stays well. Wish him, and others in the same situation, the best and a full recovery.