“You knock them right in the face.”

Baylor women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey demonstrates that tone-deafness in Waco is not a gender-based affliction.


UPDATE:  Oops. Sorry!


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12 responses to ““You knock them right in the face.”

  1. John Denver is full of shit...

    I guess she’s not a numbers person


  2. mg4life0331

    “If they didn’t sit in those meetings and they weren’t a part of the investigation, you’re repeating things that you heard. It’s over. It’s done.”

    Piss on her. She didn’t witness the rapes. She wasn’t a victim of the assault. Shes repeating things she was told. I hope Baylor is over and done.


    • Russ

      Yeah, Baylor’s no different than any other school out there? Really? 50+ rapes by athletes over the past 5 years or so? The university president whitewashing it? The head football coach denying all of it?

      What a bunch of hogwash. My daughter is starting to look at colleges, and Baylor is the only school I’ve totally taken out of consideration. She could even go to Tech before I’d let her go to Baylor. The denial, hypocrisy and lack of compassion for these victims is disgusting.


  3. 3rdandGrantham

    In related news, Baylor’s softball coach also in in hot water this morning after taking a similar tone deaf tact. When asked about what he would tell his players to do if confronted by someone who said Baylor is not an ideal place to go to school, he stated, “if someone comes up to you and says any of that junk, you give them the damn shocker.”

    Later, he clarified his remarks, saying, “I meant that figuratively, not literally…unless that just happens to be something you’re into, which I then think is kinda hot.”


  4. AusDawg85

    Punching someone in the face is certainly the Christian thing to do. Did Jesus not say, “Show me a man oppressed by the Romans, and I’ll punch him in the face.”?


    • dawgman3000

      Sadly there are many people that love to carry the “Christian” banner that don’t conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner.


  5. South FL Dawg

    Well at least we know how she truly feels. All the explaining in the world won’t change that.


  6. DawgPhan

    I feel like she will probably get a pass on this. The uproar hasnt been that bad. If Matt Rhule grabbed the mic at a basketball game and said this, game over he is dunzo.

    There has probably been some really awful stuff happen with the women’s basketball team if anyone looked into it.


  7. Iron Mike

    Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth


  8. Is there something in the water in Waco? I will not drink any on my next trip through.


  9. Malcolm x

    In 2014 it was reported
    — Women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey was reported with just under $1.8 million, up from more than $1.3 million in 2011. Her 2012 figure includes $367,000 in bonus pay – a figure likely tied to the Bears winning the 2012 NCAA women’s basketball tournament title; but her base compensation went to more than $1.35 million in 2012, from a little less than $1.1 million in 2011.
    Gee donate $180,000 (10%) to the rape crisis center and I might think
    Mulkey has some compassion for the rape victims instead of just worrying
    About getting women athletes to come to a rape school.